Do I Need SiteLock with HostGator? (Quick Glance)

It comes along the steps while purchasing HostGator web hosting. It always asks whether you would like to add SiteLock security add-on for a little extra fee. Do you really need HostGator SiteLock Security?

Many web hosting companies offer SiteLock as an available add-on. Furthermore, Almost all EIG owned web hosting companies are partnering with SiteLock. Now, Do you need SiteLock with HostGator?

In this article today, I’m telling you in details whether it will help your website. But my short answer here would be “You don’t need SiteLock security with HostGator”. Let’s move on and see why in details.

First: Sign Up For HostGator Web Hosting

If you’ve already bought web hosting from HostGator, you can skip this step and proceed with the other technical steps below.

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What is SiteLock in HostGator?

SiteLock Security

SiteLock comes up as an extra add-on for an additional fee with HostGator web hosting. After getting it synced with your website, it runs automatic scans and audits on your website.

Furthermore, it keeps sending email notifications your way. SiteLock also runs backups and maintain a nice DDoS Protection. It helps detecting malware and vulnerabilities to eliminate them.

Here is a quick glance of what SiteLock claims to offer:

  • Automatically scans your website for vulnerabilities.
  • Eliminate database vulnerabilities
  • Malware removal
  • Spam black-list removal
  • Database security
  • Network security
  • Ongoing security assurance

While it seems like a very nice product, I believe that the website security is the web host’s responsibility. For me, I would save the money and invest in getting a decent web host.

As a quick HostGator SiteLock Review, Just uncheck that feature and save the money. You won’t need SiteLock Addon. For me, it’s an unnecessary up-sell. You won’t need it. You won’t even use it.

How Much is SiteLock in HostGator?

It’s being offered as an extra feature for an additional cost. While it doesn’t worth all the money, let me clarify that point to know the HostGator SiteLock pricing. Here we go:

  • It costs $1.67 per month.
  • To be billed annually ($19.99 per year).

For me, I would recommend against claiming it. You still can acheive the same security features using WordPress Security Plugins at different levels. You would better save that money.

Overall, I won’t recommend you opt-in with SiteLock. You will end up paying a fee that won’t help your website at all. Some customers have reported paying more to get their hacked sites fixed. So why wasting money here?!

I don’t think SiteLock is worth the money at all. So just stay away and save your money. Generally speaking, SiteLock has got many false claims with negative feedbacks.

Do I Need SiteLock with HostGator?

No, You don’t need SiteLock Security on HostGator website. Thanks to WordPress, there are many plugins that could potentially help you out here with the same security features.

SiteLock is considered to be HostGator malware protection tool. Yet, you still can keep your website secured and montitored with periodic email notifications using WordPress. You don’t need to pay for this extra feature.

That was everything about SiteLock with HostGator. Please let me know in the comments below shall you’ve got questions or inquiries. I would love to assist you further.

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