HostGator Business Plan Review (+ 61% Discount)

This is my ultimate HostGator Business plan review. Ultimately, Business is a leading hosting package that will give your website an ultimate performance. You will get all the regular HostGator hosting features along with extra addons; Dedicated IP Address, SSL Certificate, and Toll-Free US Phone Number.

If you’re up to hosting only one website with one domain nam, then Hatchling plan should be your choice. But in case you want to host multiple domains, HostGator baby plan allows that with unlimited addon domains.

For me, I would consider HostGator Business plan for an eCommerce website. The Dedicated IP Address along with the SSL Certificate will be of a great benefit to run a secured website for online transactions.

Furthermore, the Toll-Free US Phone Number is a great feature to offer my customer a direct helping line. In other scenarios, I’m to pay a recurring amount for that toll-free number. With HostGator Business Plan I’m getting it completely free of charge.

In this article, I will be covering many points related to HostGator shared hosting and which one to choose. Furthermore, I will provide an in-depth HostGator Business Plan review.

Which HostGator Shared Hosting Plan To Choose?

I’ve got this one questioned to me so many times earlier; Which HostGator Shared Hosting plan to choose? Well, Here is a quick guidance with a clear idea for beginners and newbies getting started:

  • Hosting One Domain? Go for Hatchling Plan.
  • Hosting Multiple Domains? Go for Baby Plan.
  • Business Website with eCommerce? Go for Business Plan.

Before going further into the detailed HostGator Business plan review, make sure to check my article; HostGator Baby vs Business plan to get more information about both packages.

Check HostGator Business Plan (61% OFF)

HostGator Business Plan Review:

Okay, HostGator shared hosting plans are tiered. This means that Business plan is offering all the prior packages features along with extras.

This package has been named Business because it’s already directed to Business owners. If you’re small business owner and want to build a website, this web hosting plan is your ultimate choice.

Here is a quick glance of HostGator Business Plan Review:

  • Unlimited Disk Space.
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth.
  • Host Unlimited Domains.
  • + Free SSL Certificate
  • + Free Dedicated IP Address.
  • + Free Toll-Free US Phone Number.

I would highly recommend HostGator business for those who are into building an eCommerce website with Online Transactions. The extra add-ons will let you run a website on a secured hosting environment.

HostGator Business Plan Features:

Sounds Cool? Well, let’s talk further about each of these features and see how they would perfectly fit your business website. Follow a long and read more information on each of the above listed features.

#1. Toll-Free US Phone Number:

This service alone worth around (~ $20 a month). You will get it completely free of charge with HostGator Business  plan review.

Basically the Toll-Free Number is a call forwarding service. You will get a local Toll-Free US Phone Number which will forward any incoming calls over to your personal or business number.

Furthermore, you will get a control panel to manage and modify the forwarding process and numbers. You won’t have to setup anything at your end. It’s all ready and will be instantly activated upon your request.

Here are the limits for the Toll-Free Number service:

  • Included 100 minutes (Free Calls).
  • After that, You’ll be charged 4.9 cents per minute.

You can set different numbers to forward calls to along with automated welcome messages. Furthermore, you still can view your call history and control the forwarding process via the control panel.

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#2. Free SSL Certificate:

SSL certificates are exactly how you can you run your website under (https) secured sign. This gives an extra security line along with a trusting sign for clients to use your site (knowing it’s safe to do).

For eCommerce and Business websites, It’s always advisable to use SSL Certificates and run their websites on HTTPS. And this is becoming a necessity if they’re planning to accept online payments.

Usually a private SSL Certificate like this one costs around (~ $50 a year). But it comes completely free of charge along with HostGator Business plan.

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#3. Free Dedicated IP Address:

A dedicated IP address gives your website a privilege of being hosted of the grid. While you still are hosting your website on a shared server, a dedicated IP will kind of isolate your website from the shared IP being used.

The IP here is an internet address for your website. Later on, we connect that IP address with a fiendly easy-to-recognize domain name. Usually, there is a shared IP for a number of websites on the same server.

With HostGator Business plan, you website will get a dedicated IP address. Literally, this means you’re hosting your website on a different server other than the shared hosting one!

While It has been officially declared that Shared Hosting won’t affect Google SEO rankings, Most online marketers believes that a Dedicated IP will help in giving your website a ranking boost.

Overall, It’s a great feature that will take your business website over to the next level. Usually, It costs ($4 a month). With HostGator Business, you’re claiming it completely free of charge.

Check HostGator Business Plan (61% OFF)

HostGator Business Plan Pricing:

I’ve previously published a ste-by-step guide on how to buy web hosting from HostGator. You can follow that guide to make your purchase.

Furthermore, I will mention below a few steps on how to get started signing up for HostGator Business Plan. Now, check the steps below to start building your awesome business website:

Step #1: Go to (%61 Coupon Added) & Click “Get Started!“.

Step #2: Click “Sign Up Now” for Business Plan.

Step #3: Coupon Code will be automatically applied (61% OFF).

That was it. You will need to make sure cancelling all the extra addons and features you don’t need. Furthermore, I’ve attached a screenshot below to follow for maximum savings:

After completing the sign-ups steps, HostGator will send you a welcome email with account login details. Make sure to keep these information secured. At this point, you can proceed with installing WordPress.


HostGator is a leading web hosting company with reputable services. They’re proudly serving over 9 million websites worldwide. I’ve used HostGator hosting services myself and I found them offering a very good quality service.

If you’re stuck at any of the purchasing steps or you’ve got any inquiries, I would love to hear back from you. Please drop me a line via the comments section below. I will be very glad to assist you further.

Check HostGator Business Plan (61% OFF)

That was everything about my HostGator Business plan review. I’ve also mentioned why I think it’s ideal for business and eCommerce websites. Don’t forget to share this awesome article with everyone on social media.

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  1. Hostgator baby plan allows you to do multiple domains. One can manage more that one domain and is very helpful. Other domains are very difficult and is hard to manage. We should get high plan so that we can extend the features.

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