HostGator Baby vs Business Plan: Which To Choose?

If you’re about to buy web hosting from HostGator, then you need to decide which plan to choose. In this article, I’m reviewing the HostGator Baby vs Business plan. And giving you recommendations based on my own personal experience.

One thing before moving forward: You may be wondering why I didn’t mention about the HostGator Hatchling plan. For me, the hatchling plan is great for just one small website. This means you will need to buy an additional account for each website you would like to launch in the future!

HostGator baby vs Business plans allow you to host unlimited add-on domains on the same account. It will be one account for as many domains you own. You won’t need to buy additional accounts. Thus, It’s becoming more cost-effective and great value for money.

For this feature, I summed up the comparison as HostGator Baby vs Business. Let’s get on this and see what it all about. And which plan would work better for you.

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HostGator Baby vs Business Plan

HostGator Baby vs Business - Plans Comparison

Both HostGator web hosting plans are offering unlimited features. This means that you can enjoy unlimited account resources and use it for as many domains as you can handle.

Here is a sum up for features included:

  • Unlimited Disk Space.
  • Unlimited Monthly Transfer (Bandwidth).
  • Unlimited Email Accounts.
  • Unlimited Addon Domains.
  • Unlimited Sub Domains.
  • Unlimited Parked Domains.
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts.
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases.

All the above features are available on both HostGator baby vs business plans. You can manage and use all these features using the HostGator cPanel dashboard (Your website hosting back-end).

Check HostGator Sale Pricing

HostGator has been around for a long while offering high-quality web hosting services. HostGator is now being owned by EIGEndurance International Group. This is the same major company that owns and operates multiple other strong web hosting brands such as; BlueHost, iPage, and FatCow.

HostGator Business Plan Review

So overall, HostGator baby vs Business is almost offering the same features. But there are three additional features that are ONLY being served with the Business plan. They’re as follows:

  • FREE Positive SSL (worth $150/year)
  • FREE Dedicated IP (worth $4/month)
  • FREE VoIP Phone Service (worth $10/month)

For me, I would choose the business plan if I’m up to running an eCommerce website with listing products & processing online sales. There, I would benefit a lot from having the Included SSL Certificate, Dedicated IP and the Toll-Free US Phone Number.

Otherwise, I would just prefer to choose the HostGator baby plan. It’s almost having everything I may need to run a successful online empire. Furthermore, It allows me to host unlimited add-on domains.

HostGator Baby Plan Review

The baby plan is almost identical to the business plan! But without the extra business features. HostGator baby plan allows you to host unlimited domains on the same hosting account too.

It also supports a free SSL certificate (Authenticated by Lets Encrypt). The baby plan will give you unlimited disk space along with unlimited bandwidth for your website.

Unlike the Business plan, the Baby plan doesn’t offer the following: Comodo Positive SSL, Dedicated IP, or VOIP call service. You can certainly live without these features as they’re dedicated the most to eCommerce and large-scale businesses.

The bottom line, HostGator baby plan is your very affordable multi-domain hosting plan from HostGator. You can rely on it for building your websites and rest assured you’re on the right track!

Uptime & Performance

HostGator Hatchling vs Baby vs Business plans is all shared hosting plans. This means that you won’t get any significant difference in the hosting performance. They’re all served on the same server with just different features as mentioned above.

The company is having a reported 99.9% uptime guarantee for all the three plans. And based on my own personal experience, I’ve used to receive almost 100% uptime in a given three month period.

Furthermore, HostGator is offering courtesies in case anything affected the uptime. So if you’ve got this guaranteed uptime altered or your website went down, you will receive a one month credit as compensation.

HostGator Website Builder

HostGator Baby Plan or Business Plan to Choose

Another great feature from HostGator to offer their clients. With both HostGator baby vs Business plans, you will get access to a high-end website builder. This will allow you to build a great looking website in a few minutes!

The HostGator website builder is being served through SohoLaunch. You can access it directory on your web hosting cPanel dashboard. It almost has everything you might need to build any kind of website based on reputable high-quality templates.

Some of the main features of SohoLaunch include Email Marketing Tools, eCommerce integration and Social Media Tools. In addition, You can use the drag-and-drop editing tools to make it even easier to build a strong website without any prior coding skills required.

HostGator Email Hosting

In both Baby and Business plans, you can create unlimited custom email accounts. The email servers being used here will give you one of the best values in the industry to send and receive emails easily.

Furthermore, You’ll get access to additional perks:

  • Unlimited Auto Responders.
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists.
  • Unlimited Email Forwarders.
  • Spam Assassin.

HostGator Free Hosting ($0.01 Trial)

Yes, This is so True! HostGator is offering a free one-month trial period for just $0.01. This way you can test-drive the HostGator hosting plan and get a hands-on experience without making the purchase.

While it’s a free trial, you still need to pay $0.01 for that one month. This very little fee helps HostGator to eliminate spamming orders. Their target goal here is to attract potential customers and those who might find it useful and proceed with an actual purchase.

Get HostGator Business Plan Trial


For me, I would prefer to go with HostGator baby plan. This way I can host unlimited domain names on the same account without additional unnecessary charges. You can try the one-month free trial to test the HostGator business plan.

The Business plan is only advisable if you’re up to hosting a large-scale eCommerce website where you may need the Private SSL, IP and the Phone Number.

I made sure to make this comparison as short and quick as possible. Please let me know in the comments below for any further questions or concerns you might have. Also, don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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