How To Add Another Domain To HostGator cPanel? (New)

HostGator is considered to be a leading web hosting company. It has a relatively huge market-share with up to 9 million websites hosted. In this article, I’m covering how to add an additional domain to HostGator.

Before proceeding technically, HostGator is offering three main shared hosting plans; Hatchling, Baby, and Business. I’ve used their Hatchling plan for a long time before upgrading to Baby.

I’ve found their service quite reliable with a robust uptime. Despite being a bit slow to answer support inquiries, the service has used to be top-notch.

One quick disclaimer here; This tutorial works great if you’re on the Baby or Business plan. The hatchling plan does allow adding additional Add-on domains. If you’re on the Hatchling plan, you may consider an upgrade.

Overall, the Hatchling plan allows you to host one domain. Baby and Business plans allow you to host multiple domains. Many newbies may not be understanding the idea of adding add-on domains to the same HostGator account.

Simply, This feature allows you to host additional domains on the same hosting account. And this way, you won’t need to buy additional hosting accounts for each new domain you’ve got.

One thing, You will need to point the domain name to HostGator Nameservers. And it should work perfectly via the HostGator new cPanel.

And now, let’s proceed with the exact steps to follow. You will need to add the domain name in HostGator’s cPanel, then point the domain to HostGator’s Nameservers. Let’s see below:

First: Sign Up For HostGator Web Hosting

If you’ve already bought web hosting from HostGator, you can skip this step and proceed with the other technical steps below.

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HostGator is offering a wide range of web hosting services. If you’re just getting started, I would recommend grabbing a shared hosting plan. Baby plan suits me very well and allows me to host unlimited domains.

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How To Add Another Domain To HostGator?

Again, this tutorial works only for HostGator baby & Business plans. Hatchling doesn’t allow add-domains. Now, log in over to HostGator cPanel and head to “Addon Domains“.

How To Add Another Domain to HostGator

There, You will need to enter a few important details. I’m compiling them in the following screenshot. You will need to work with the instructions below:

Following the steps above will let you access the new domain via the same FTP credentials. If you want to create dedicated FTP logins for each addon domain, you will need to check the “Create an FTP account” box.

After that, It will ask you to enter the “FTP username” and “FTP password”. You can use these credentials to access this particular domain account without any access to any other domains on the same HostGator’s account.

Once done, click on “Add Domain”. Then, you will be asked whether you want to proceed with adding “Domain Redirection”. This is an extra feature that allows you to redirect add-domain to any other domain.

This feature is very useful if you’ve got many extensions like; .com, .net, .org for your brand domain. This way you can redirect the .net and .org versions over to your main .com domain name.

How To Point Domain to HostGator?

That was exactly how to add another domain to HostGator’s new cPanel. But still, you should redirect that domain to your HostGator hosting account.

For that, you will to log in over to your Domain Registrar’s Dashboard. And use Custom Nameservers for that domain. There, you can put in “HostGator’s Nameservers”.

If you’re using GoDaddy or NameCheap, you can use the following tutorials to proceed with finding Nameservers and pointing the domain.

It works exactly the same with other Domain Registrars. You still need to change Nameservers. But yet, it will be on a different working interface. You’ve just got the idea.

HostGator Website Builder

After you add another domain to HostGator, you can start building your new website. HostGator is actually offering a full-fledged web hosting with tons of features included. Your web hosting package comes with a free Website Builder; SohoLaunch.

You can simply use this website builder to build your new website. Honestly, I do not recommend leaving a domain name blank after adding to your hosting account. Instead, you can start building a basic website or a landing page.

How To Host Multiple Websites on HostGator?

Basically, you will need to add every single domain to HostGator web hosting account using the same way mentioned above. You first add the domain to HostGator control pane, then you point that domain to HostGator DNS Nameservers.

This will create a separate folder for each domain name you have. And accordingly, you can host multiple websites on a single HostGator account. You also need to make sure that you’re on the baby or the business plan. The hatchling plan only allows hosting a single domain name.


That was everything. I love HostGator and that is why I keep recommending their services. They’ve been there for a while now serving thousands of clients. They’re receiving appreciations every day.

Thanks for stopping by and reading how to add another domain to HostGator. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve got questions or concerns. I would love to help you further.

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