Top High Bandwidth Web Hosting Providers (Unbiased)

Have you been looking for top web hosting providers that are providing high bandwidth levels? You definitely need more resources for your website, app, or online eCommerce business. In today’s article, I’m shedding the light on the top high bandwidth web hosting providers in the market.

And because bandwidth resources are essential to keep an awesome online presence, I’m here listing the best! I will show you the best web hosting companies for high traffic websites and app.

High Traffic Website Hosting:

Alongside with dedicated servers and cloud hosting solutions, I also made sure to include the shared hosting plans with unmetered bandwidth.

When it comes to high traffic web hosting, bandwidth resources always count. You will definitely need dedicated resources for your hosting account. And that will help run a fast-growing website.

NB: When we say “Unmetered Bandwidth”, this means that there is no limitation on the monthly bandwidth resource given. Some users may overuse the server resources that give the hosting company no choice but to limit the resources given to protect other customers on the network.

High Bandwidth Web Hosting Companies:

I’ve spent some time researching the best offers with massive discounts. And most importantly, I’ve only listed those companies that are offering unmetered bandwidth resources. I’ve also verified the business entity to confirm as for the quality and service security for you.

1. BlueHost:


BlueHost is definitely one of the largest web hosting companies on the plant. It proudly hosts over 2 million domain names on their servers. BlueHost is indeed offering web hosting packages with unmetered bandwidth along with outstanding uptime for high traffic websites.

BlueHost is 100% WordPress optimized. This means you can build your ultra-fast WordPress website on their hosting platform. Furthermore, they’ve been investing heavily in WordPress site speed performance.

The company offers three different hosting packages. And all of them are featuring Unlimited Bandwidth. I’ve tested high traffic website hosting on these platforms and results surpassed my expectations.

While BlueHost is very affordable for the first billing cycle, the renewal prices will slightly increase. Yet, getting a high bandwidth web hosting service does always worth every penny. Their prices start at $3.95 per month.

You will also get a Free Domain Name Registration included. Furthermore, you will get a lifetime access to a Free SSL Certificate along with $200 Marketing Credits to advertise your website on Adwords and other networks.

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2. GreenGeeks:

GreenGeeks PHP 7 WordPress Hosting

This is indeed another popular web hosting company that I definitely recommend. GreenGeeks offer their customers dedicated web hosting resources and unmetered bandwidth.

Whichever the size of your online project, GreenGeeks will be a perfect fit for your high traffic website or eCommerce business. And you definitely won’t have to worry at all about bandwidth limitations and usage.

GreenGeeks used to give me the perfect value for money. I’ve tried it for almost a year now and I’m really satisfied with the outcome, given resources, and quality.

Best of all is that this company is also willing to charge on a month-to-month billing. And this definitely works better for customers that are looking for the best quality with the best monthly price.

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3. InMotion Hosting:

This company used to offer high-quality web hosting plans that come with high bandwidth. Along with pure SSD disk storage, InMotion Hosting features unmetered bandwidth. And up to 15 TB monthly bandwidth in their dedicated server offerings. Furthermore, you can always purchase more resources!

These high bandwidth levels are always powerful for high-traffic websites and apps. Their infrastructure is perfectly optimized for speed and security. And their packages come with advanced DDoS Protection.

Their servers are purely powered by Solid State Drives (SSD). This ensures that your website will load significantly fast than if it was on regular (SATA) drives.

Do you already own a website that is hosted somewhere else? Well, InMotionHosting will walk an extra mile for you and offer a totally free migration service. Free Migration with an Award Winning Suppor is exactly what you want to have a professional online presence with a perfect hosting.

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4. WPX Hosting:

WPX Hosting PHP 7 Hosting for WordPress

This company has been specialized in WordPress hosting. Thus, It has everything you need to run an ultra-fast WordPress site with huge traffic. While they’re a bit expensive, it does worth every penny for medium and high traffic websites.

They’re using a third-party service from “Amazon S3” which enhances your site performance among different locations worldwide. This alone guarantee an exceptional loading time.

Furthermore, WPX Hosting does offer free daily off-site backups. They’re always willing to offer a free website transfer from your old host.

Their plans are packed with PHP 7 along with SSD Drives. Also, you will get an enterprise-level DDoS Protection. All these features are aiming at perfectly serving your website.

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5. NameCheap:

WordPress Test Site - NameCheap DOmain Registrar

This is another trusted and highly secured web hosting provider. NameCheap has been known as a leading domain registration provider. And recently they’ve been featured numerous times for offering a superb web hosting services.

They’re offering dedicated hosting plans that come with a huge monthly bandwidth. And their prices are really cheaper than other competitors in the market for the same value.

The monthly bandwidth limit is 100 TB, and that’s enough to host a big website with millions of visits. Best of all, the 1 Gbps network connection makes things better in terms of speed and performances.

The company offers three types of high bandwidth server hosting: Fully Managed, Managed and Self-Managed. Their shared hosting plans are also coming with unmetered bandwidth for the fair monthly usage.

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Why you might need
High Bandwidth Web Hosting?

In this article, I’ve been shedding more light on those hosting providers that are offering high bandwidth plans. While the package might vary based on the actual need, these companies have been well-known for their service quality.

You first need to know what exactly do you need. If you’re serving a small to medium sized blog with growing traffic numbers, a shared hosting plan will definitely fit for your need. If your website is a large-scaled one with growing monthly traffic, then a dedicated server will definitely be required.

A very good idea might be using a decent VPS before upgrading to a dedicated server. And this will let you understand your requirements while saving money at the beginning.


That was an exclusive list for the high bandwidth web hosting providers. I’ve only recommended those companies that I’ve tried myself. The above-mentioned providers are offering unmetered bandwidth along with their plans which guarantees the best performance for your growing website.

Honestly, I’ve avoided mentioning any other companies I’ve not tried myself. Overall, the above companies will definitely have a solution for your high-bandwidth requirement.

A good idea might be choosing a shared hosting with unmetered bandwidth first, and then upscale to a VPS or a dedicated server. It’s always better to test waters upfront to avoid paying extra unnecessary costs.

That was everything. I hope you find this article useful. Please let me know in the comments section below shall you require any assistance. I will be very happy to help in choosing a high bandwidth web hosting company.

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