GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Review (Very Detailed)

GreenGeeks has been around for a while now with a strong client base. They pride themselves on offering green environmentally-safe web hosting services. In this article, we’re discussing the GreenGeeks reseller hosting review and its features for business owners and resellers.

The web hosting provider is being reviewed out of the price value, reliability, performance, usability, and support. In this GreenGeeks Reseller hosting review, I’m doing my best to cover it all for you to take an informative buying decision.

Founded in 2008, GreenGeeks is a customer satisfaction-specific provider with 300 percent wind energy-driven servers and the most environmentally sound web hosting provider. The company is offering a wide range of web hosting services; shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and WordPress hosting.

GreenGeeks resellers hosting is feature-rich and inexpensive. Basically, reseller hosting allows you to host your client’s websites under your WHM panel. Each one of your client’s websites will have a dedicated cPanel with their own username and password.

Resellers of GreenGeeks provide the same features as shared hosting offered to their own customers. Some main features include; Linux OS, MySQL, SSD Drives, FTP, SSH access, PHP 7, Perl 5, Python, and so on.

In this article, we’re discussing the GreenGeeks reseller hosting review in terms of service quality, uptimes, pricing, and basic features. My goal here is to help you take an informative buying decision.

Become a GreenGeeks Reseller


If you didn’t yet purchase your GreenGeeks web hosting plan, you can do it now with our exclusive discount of $3.95 per month instead of $9.95 per month. Act fast as it won’t last so long.

If you’re already a GreenGeeks client, you can skip this section forward to see the complete GreenGeeks EcoStarter review below. We’re going over features and the plan’s technical aspects.

GreenGeeks is offering three different shared hosting plans. The EcoStarter is the most basic plan that is affordable, powerful, and very sufficient for you to get started with your new website.

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GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Review

In addition, GreenGeeks reseller clients will benefit from all the tools offered by GreenGeeks with more than 500 models, cPanel and the 1-click Softaculous Software Installer. Please notice that resellers have the right to determine which services they would like to implement,.

GreenGeeks, on the other hand , helps resellers to operate their company conveniently and easily. And most importantly, it will be wise if you use client-management software. ClientExec is a useful tool reseller for developing payment systems, selecting payment methods, managing invoices, etc.

GreenGeeks also provides eNom Domain Reseller accounts to allow its resellers to register their clients’ domain names. More specifically, 100% white is called GreenGeeks reseller hosting. This ensures that resellers will produce their logos and names on the control panels of their customers.

GreenGeeks Reseller Plans

GreenGeeks produces five packages: Seed, Sprout, Plant, Tree and Forest, in view of startups, major resellers and somebody in the centre.

In addition to all features, the kit Seed contains 50 GB of SSD space and 500 GB of bandwidth. However, just $19.95 a month is paid. With 200 GB SSD disc space and 2000 GB bandwidth the largest package paid forest costs $99.95 / M.

With site builder, cPanel, auto-script installers, SSH access, nightly backups or multiple payment options it is much simple to use GreenGeeks web hosting. Details are explained below.

GreenGeeks provides drag and drop site builder free of charge for several others. Even people know no code and design by using this tool, but can create functional websites with a nice look.

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Free Domain Name

The free domain name is one of GreenGeeks’ most interesting features. While domain names are not so costly themselves, it’s good to pay as part of your hosting platform. Both domain and hosting services are now available at one discount. You will maintain the domain name when using the GreenGeeks services.

Another advantage of the platform is that they can do it free if you already have a website and want to switch to GreenGeeks. For persons, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are not comfortable with their current service, it is, therefore, possible to migrate to GreenGeeks without paying any migration charges.

GreenGeeks cPanel & WHM

Moreover, cPanel ‘s new update is available to all GreenGeeks customers. In this control panel, the management of their websites from directories, domains, to databases is genuinely easy for webmasters.

In cPanel, webmasters can instal and upgrade common apps and scripts in a few clicks with Fantastico and Softaculous script installations. Such applications include WordPress, Joomla, PHPBB, Joomla and others.

Customers of GreenGeeks will have access to SSH. If required, you can use command line to access servers and control servers. It provides FTP access, SFTP access to help customers control their servers, web-based file management etc.

This company provides no cost customer backups every night. Therefore, even if consumers lose data inadvertently, they can restore backups to minimise losses.

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Is it Suitable for WordPress?

GreenGeeks are very well sponsored by WordPress. Besides a 100 percent guarantee compatible with your WordPress hosting, GreenGeeks also promises 99.9 percent uptime.

You can build WordPress manually with GreenGeeks or with their 10-click installer. WordPress. You can easily upload, download stuff, keep MySQL database, manage account, email and much more using custom cPanel GreenGeeks.

In its hosting kit WordPress GreenGeeks also incorporate CDN service, guaranteeing customers greater availability and efficiency. The CDN service can also help prevent DDoS attacks from their WordPress website.

GreenGeeks Support

GreenGeeks support team is well aware of WordPress so that they can help you with much of the problem. In addition to contacting directly with technical staff, consumers can completely access GreenGeeks expertise, which provides a range of insightful WordPress videos and posts.

All its in-house customer service engineers in the USA and Canada, who often provide competent, timely and patient assistance to their customers via 24-hour e-mail and live chat. The business serves its customers by calling only from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm EST on weekdays and 9:00 am to 8:00 pm EST on weekends.

GreenGeeks understands that technical assistance plays an important part in the happiness of customers. Moreover, customers can find insightful knowledge base and video tutorials if they like.

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That was all about GreenGeeks reseller hosting review. And you can benefit from these awesome plans to resell web hosting for your clients. While being a very competitive market, it could very lucrative to you if you’re targeting local customers and businesses.

Let me know in the comments section below shall you’ve got any questions or inquiries regarding the GreenGeeks reseller hosting review. I would love to help you further.

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