Best Domain Appraisal: How Much My Domain Worth?

It’s a necessity today for domain investors to appraise their domains. These appraisals and valuations help them to decide a domain name price tag. In this article, I’m reviewing the top best domain appraisal services that you should be aware of.

Expert domain flippers may already know how to set a price tag for a domain name. On the other side, Beginners and newcomers may not be able to do appraisals themselves. Thus, automated tools will significantly help them.

In this article, I’m shortlisting the best domain appraisal tools and valuation services. These will help you to find the real value of a domain name before buying or selling any domain name.

What Makes a Domain Name Valuable?

Domain evaluations will inform you more about your website’s importance and substantially about certain domains. This is a basic concept to consider a domain that you sell or purchase, and it is undoubtedly the explanation that so many places provide their own appraisal tool for your perusal.

It is crucial to interpret the pricing and opportunities properly. Here, we agreed to pick online the ten best domain appraisal resources. So you won’t be left behind when you log into the website or discover a new URL.

When you want to be a good domainer, you need to be your own assessor. Also the right website worth estimator can be used for your purposes. It’s your money, after all, you spend.

Best Domain Appraisal Tools

I’ve been lately into domain flipping. While I’m still testing the waters with it, I’ve managed to make a couple of deals successfully completed. In all honesty, these tools I’m mentioning below have helped me along the way.

Knowing the real value of your domain name is important. It doesn’t matter how much or less it will be. But the information here matters the most. And these websites give you real information based on past domain deals.

Let’s head over to the lest and see how much your domain really worth:



It’s being considered as the most trusted and best domain appraisal tool. Many flippers have turned out to be using it with great success. This tool will help you with instant reports and appraisal certificates for a given domain.

Not only will you get a number of ($), but also; you’ll receive a number of other statistics, numbers, and facts about your domain niche. Furthermore, EstiBot will reveal information like; Cost-Per-Click, Organic Keywords and website’s previous sale price.

All this information will help you better understand who might be a potential customer. This tool is indeed FREE. But you still need to register with your email address to use the service.

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GoDaddy - best domain appraisal tools

With over 60 million domains under their belt, GoDaddy is the world’s leading domain registrar. Besides, It’s offering a dedicated marketplace for buying and selling premium domain names. GoValuate is indeed one of the best domain appraisal service that is being offered by GoDaddy.

Not only does it give you an actual valuation for a domain name price, But also; it’s giving you a range of other important values and metrics. All this information will help you get the real value of your domain name.

For both beginners and advanced domain flippers, These metrics are very helpful before any domain trades. The services is completely free of charge. And it comes with a printable appraisal certificate. You still need to create a GoDaddy account in order to use the service.

We continue with a name that is difficult to get rid of when it comes to domains. The brand GoDaddy has become so big that its entry into the world of domain evaluations is difficult to ignore.

In addition, GoDaddy gives users a selection of accessible domain names, either if you are searching for a low-cost option or if you are searching for future web real estate. Not only does the company have an estimation of the price of the product, but the rationale is often clarified.

The database contains factors such as whether a domain uses common keywords or not, how long the domain name is, and how many domains that are similarly called have recently been launched.

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#3. SEDO

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Sedo is the world’s largest domain marketplace. Along with that, It offers an interactive best domain appraisal service. Your domain would be instantly appraised with a price tag suggestion. You’ll just need to create an account and verify it. Once there, you should be able to use the service.

On submitting a domain name for sale, Sedo will automatically appraise your domain name. This way you’ll get a clear idea of how much your domain name really worth. You don’t have to stick with their price suggestion at all.

It’s just a suggestion, but it’s still up to you to decide your own pricing. Overall, Sedo is a great place to sell domains with an instant appraisal. Of course, the consistency of Sedo as a prime option for website assessment is apparent.

While assessing areas the method takes into consideration ten considerations, including the suitability of search engines, promotional performance, and opportunities for buying/selling. Sedo already boasts the world’s biggest website revenue data set, which offers it a huge benefit over its rivals as it scales a domain correctly.

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This service stands out when you’ve got multiple domains to check simultaneously. Besides the appraisal value suggestion, Domain Index provides many other metrics and features.

This tool has been widely used due to its accuracy and instantaneous. DomainIndex is also offering a detailed report on the domain’s backlinks along with Whois Information for better decisions. And all these features make it an amazing best domain appraisal service.

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This service is offering an insightful detailed report on a domain’s value. Also, you’ll be offered a chance to purchase a professional valuation service as well as crowd appraisals.

On checking for a domain name, you will also get domain rankings from both Alexa and Google. You’ll also get detailed information from SERPs. This SEO information will give you a better idea about your domain.

You can also purchase a printable appraisal certificate for a small additional fee. You’ll also get more details on; DMOZ Listing, Website IP, Backlinks, ..etc. Not only is the worth of a website measured by visitors but a “crowd assessment,” which is focused on several valuations for a site, often is eligible for the procurement of qualified evaluations.

Free Valuator also contains valuable technological details from Alexa and Google Pagerank as well as domain rankings from its analysis, providing you the possibility to obtain other insights on-site results.

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Not only does this site offers detailed appraisal information, but It also gives you detailed information on the website’s performance. You will also get more information about the website’s software and platforms used.

Furthermore, MySiteWealth gives you additional insights into the global traffic rank, website age, daily income, ..etc. All this information will help with better deciding how much to charge for a domain name. On a scale, You’ll be offered an overall rating for each domain appraisal request you submit. It’s an overall metric that is being calculated based on all the information listed on the page.

MySiteWealth behaves as if it were a database and is not merely an appraisal device. It contains a global traffic rating, the age of the website, regular averages, dailies, Google Index statistics, and an average domain value of course. You even have a bar showing what type of software the domain is using.

If you are looking for nicely detailed tables of every metric you can imagine, then MySiteWealth has covered you and even sums up the overall rating of a domain, then that too is done – with a five-star rating, based on the displayed information.

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#7. EPIK

Epik Valuator - Best Domain Appraisal

This one gives a more advanced result based on the domain’s history and the overall performance. Epik offers its services via a free and a premium package. You will be asked to choose a package on signing up.

Epik’s report comes integrated with and Alexa. This way, you get extra information on the domain history. This allows you to check the legitimacy for a given domain name. Epik’s assessment tool offers a premium website assessment as well as a free, registerable service.

Epik partners with and Alexa Rank to offer a full summary of the context and success of a sector in addition to provide an analysis of the experience of the website. A great advantage of Epik ‘s service is its Fairness Opinion function, which is useful for concluding a transaction between an internet owner and a prospective owner – making it an ideal site for serious buyers.

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#8. Website Outlook

Website Outlook - Best Domain Appraisal

SEMRush can be used quite handily for an efficient data-driven study of domain anatomy in the context of Web site Outlook.

Users will display a SEMRush rank of a domain from Website Overview, an approximate cost to draw the same amount of Google AdWords tourists, how many keywords are allowed for a page, and rank for the Alexa, average page views, and an approximate value of a given domain.

The Outlook website also provides a variety of technical data relating to searched domains. Moreover, the service is fully free and no authentication is required.

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#9. StatChest

StatChest - Best Domain Appraisal

StatChest is a very valuable method in the region appraisal, as it can tap into Alexa’s rankings. Before calculating website interest, Moz will also be consulted.

The handy StatChest color co-ordinates its results in order to guide users on the potential of a searched domain and also includes key records so that potential buyers can get insight into its availability as well as its contract length.

The safety details found inside search results which is a valuable method for testing the integrity of a specific domain is an fascinating and unique aspect that StatChest claims regarding its competitors.

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How Much My Domain Name Worth?

This is a domainer’s most critical issue before investing. It depends on the type of names you register or buys whether or not you make money from your investment. The investment in domain names may be compared to the investments in virtual properties (VRE) properties.

Before you buy a URL, it is important that you know what you are doing and do your own work. Your performance will be calculated if you purchase web addresses to build a platform, monetize, park, or sell for profit.

Whether you own a basic blog or a popular e-commerce platform, you will make a huge difference if you only want to sell the interest of a domain that you have. There’s plenty of capital to purchase and sell domains in our growing global environment. So many good addresses are available. You can take the lead in negotiations if you have a general idea of what is worth your investment.

You might have seen and analyzed hard data if you are ever contacted by a person or corporation that wishes to buy your domain. The last thing you want to do is place the ball in your hand. You should bid a good price and bargain from there for the experience of how much it is worth.

Domain names are only part of a domain address from a realistic perspective. Yet they still serve a larger function outside the boundaries of the World Wide Web. Companies depend strongly on advertisement realms and brand awareness.

The domain is often related explicitly to the organization and its operating activities. You will use this benefit to determine how important a prospective buyer is for your domain name. If the customer takes a transaction really seriously, your understanding of the valuation of the market will help you get full profits.

How To Evaluate Domain Name Before Purchase?

Now that you know what a good domain name makes, it is time to get your own information. Although important, all the details in the last section are theoretical. It must be used as a reference for measuring a ballpark. You can use the following methods if you want more accurate data.

Recent Similar Domain Sales

When you sell your vehicle, you typically search out fresh selling details and figure out how much you can earn. The same is true for domains. Many websites provide new domain sales information. Pages such as DNJournal or ShortNames are used.

If you can’t search these sites, you can take a look at transactions from recent weeks to get the exact match for your domain. See the domain itself and how much it has gone. To assess and evaluate the attributes of your market, you will use the data to build a fair initial price.

Search Other’s Interest in Your Domain

There is no easier way to have the domain’s real interest than to offer it. This may sound very dramatic, however incredibly effective. You see, you only get estimates to this level. How much actual people are willing to pay for this is the true value of the business. That doesn’t say you’re having a lot of money simply because it appears to match any of these parameters. You may assume your domain name doesn’t have any interest on the other side of the continuum only to find someone who’s been waiting for something like this, up and down.

This technique may be somewhat complex, but the risks can be reduced. Basically, you are putting an ad on a marketplace website for your domain as if you were selling it. Then just wait to see what kind of deals are given. You can apply a reservation to your listing to ensure that your domain name is not actually sold. This allowance forbids the selling if a certain requirement is not met. You may set up the reserve number very high on domain trading platforms like Flippa to cover the buyers’ sum.

For two weeks, most domain auctions run. During this time, people will view your advertising, check out your domain, and give what they think is important. Since there is no outside influence because your reserve is hidden, there will be just true and honest information on your domain’s value.

Domain Appraisal Certificate

A few domain appraisal companies are offering a domain appraisal certificate. If you’ve been looking to get a certificate, this article is exactly for you.

Here’re providers offer appraisal certificates:

You can purchase a domain appraisal certificate for a small additional fee. This certificate includes full information about the domain like; DMOZ Listing, Website IP, Backlinks, ..etc.

Website Value Calculator

There are many websites that work for the website value calculator! But a few metrics in an automated tool cannot accurately tell you what your website is worth. While these websites will give you numbers and values, they’re not 100% accurate. There are far more other variables at play to accurately evaluate a website value and worth.

It is always good to know how your domain works as an owner of the website. It is irrelevant whether or not you want to sell. Knowing your interest in your market will allow you to achieve the next stage on your website. You should make sure that you receive a good price when you want to sell the name, do any analysis, or use one of the several places open.

Wrapping Up

That was all about the best domain appraisal tools. These tools are very helpful to get insightful information on how much your domain might worth. Domain flippers are excessively using these tools on a daily basis.

If you’re considering buying or selling domain names, these tools will help you along the way. It’s always wise to understand and see all the associated graphs and metrics before approving a domain trade.

These are the best tool for domain appraisal and valuation. Please let me know in the comments below shall you require any additional information. Also, don’t forget to share these articles with those who may find it useful.

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  1. Well all these sites have different valuations. For example godaddy valued my site to be $850 and estibot says less than $100. One site says $27 so you see how confusion arises?

  2. I’ve been lately into domain flipping. While I’m still testing the waters with it, I’ve managed to make a couple of deals successfully completed. In all honesty, these tools I’m mentioning below have helped me a long the way.Free Domainig Your benefited for this

    1. Hello, pls am also getting into domain flipping. I got a domain now my what do you think is the worth and how can I estimate close to the actual value, again what is the best place to sell.

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