Top 17+ Best Co-Working Spaces in Egypt (Ranked)

There are many places in Egypt that have been recently introduced as Co-Working Spaces. In this article, I’m shedding more light on the term “Co-Working” definition and what are the best co-working spaces in Egypt.

These places have been known as a good working environment provider. Furthermore, they offer speeches, workshops, classes, internet, multimedia systems, printers, lockers, network, .. etc.

Basically, the co-working space is a very cool place where you can join other like-minded people to work comfortably together. In there, you get your favorite coffee, hold your meetings, and get introduced to potential clients.

The Co-Working Definition:

Coworking is a very old term that had been used by many writers since 1660. Later on, It has been further developed by Hackerspaces in 1995. While they weren’t so popular, Hackerspaces aimed at sharing knowledge, tools, and information between a group of like-minded people.

In 2005, A non-profit organization in San Francisco established the first co-working space ever. They used to bring members by offering a wide range of services and facilitators for projects.

Many startups cooped with the idea and loved the place. And this rise inspired many others to startup co-working spaces in many other cities around the world. Today, these places are considered as a local city hub where people can meet, talk, and create together.

Co-Working Spaces in Egypt:

In Egypt, the idea has been spreading over the past few years. There is a huge demand for such places in Egypt to serve Startup Owners, Freelancers, Project Managers. And with the rise of internet careers, Many people are looking for cool places to work, create, and collaborate with like-minded people.

Literally, the co-working space is a good place to enjoy your work or studies in a good mood. Such places also used to host courses, classes, workshops, and speeches.

Furthermore, some local bookstores in Egypt have divided their branches into two sections; a bookstore and a co-working space. They’re aiming at offering a relaxing environment for like-minded people.

The Best Co-Working Spaces in Egypt:

There are many co-working spaces in Egypt that have been established recently. While Egypt has many governorates with a rising demand for such places, most of them are located around Cairo; Maadi, Mohandsin, Heliopolis, Nasr City.

In this article, I’m on a mission to help you find the nearest co-working space. While there is a wide variety of places in Egypt, I’m only listing the most popular places. Even though, Heliopolis is the most popular area with most of the mentioned listings here.

#1. AlMaqarr (Heliopolis):

AlMaqarr is indeed a highly recommended co-working space in Cairo. With a rating of 4.5/5, they’ve been widely known in Egypt with a strong network of creators, freelancers, and startup owners.

AlMaqarr is definitely a very good friend to those who are running their own businesses or freelancing work. It continuously offers courses, speeches, and networking events.

Located in Heliopolis, AlMaqarr has got separated rooms for conferences, meetings, and lectures. They have got different payment options; either per time or on a monthly fee.

They offer lockers, free beverages, printing machines, kitchen, and display system. Overall, they offer a quality service that you will definitely love. And you will get to know new people sharing your passion.

Address: 20 El Shaheed Mahmoud Fouad Street, Heliopolis, Cairo

#2. Rasheed22 (Heliopolis):

Located in Heliopolis, Rasheed22 is yet another quality co-working space in Cairo. With a surpassed rating of 4.5/5, Rasheed22 has got an inspiring community. And you will obviously love it.

They’re offering monthly subscription as well as per-time payment. You will get introduced to a new community of like-minded people. If you’re a freelancer or a business owner, you can get to know potential clients willing to use your service.

Rasheed22 offers a very good internet connection, an excellent working environment, and a conference hall to hold your meetings. The place gives you access to a kitchenette where you can use the coffee machine, a photocopy machine, and hot beverage maker.

Address: 22 Rasheed st, ground floor and 3rd floor, Heliopolis, Cairo

#3. Innoventures Startup Circus (Heliopolis):

This is one of the most beautiful and comfortable co-working spaces in Cairo. With a surpassing rate of 5/5, the place has been designed uniquely to well-serve entrepreneurs and business owners.

The Innoventures place has been created to fit up to 20 entrepreneurs at the same time. They have monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription packages. And they’re all affordable

They offer a wide range of facilities; a Landline Phone Number, Fax Machine, a Fast Internet Access, Printer, Scanner, and Recreational Spaces. They also have got separated meetings room for lectures, gatherings, and small conferences. Overall, Innoventures is well-serving business owners in their own unique way!

Address: 124 Othman Ibn Affan Street, Third Floor, Heliopolis.

#4. 302Labs (Nasr City):

And for Nasr City residence, Please find 302Labs co-working space. It’s another well-served place that is offering a wide range of services and facilities to its members. They also have got a strong inspiring community with different interests and niches involved.

They pride themselves on accepting booking 24/7 for desks, meeting rooms and conference halls. All you have to do is calling them to book your seat. Their prices are really affordable commencing at; 40 EGP for a daily visit.

And their monthly subscriptions start at 360 EGP with access to all the place facilities. They offer free internet access, a working panel, and a printer. The founders really care about their members and always have got something new on their Facebook page to announce.

Address: 7 Wahran street, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate

#5. The District (Maadi):

This is your co-working space in Maadi. This one is intended for business owners and startup managers. The District co-working space is a business one with all the options and facilities to run your own work.

The District has got many facilities such as; Internet Access, Conference Rooms, Library, and a professional Media System. And they’re affordable.

They offer discounted rates for their subscription packages. Since they’re into business and online ventures, the district can offer you additional services such as; Accounting, Translation, Graphic Design, ..etc.

Address: 51B Misr Helwan Street, Maadi, Cairo.

#6. TIEC (6th October):

If you are based in 6 of October city, There is the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIEC) co-working space. TIEC is indeed a government initiative to support the Information Technology field in Egypt.

This particular one is a bit different than the others. It offers progressive training seminars, business plan development, legal consultancies and financial assistance. Along with all these services, TIEC is a popular co-working space in Cairo with the main focus; serving Egyptian Entrepreneurs.

TIEC co-working space gives you access to a wide range of facilities such as; Mobile Labs, Computers, Internet Access, and Market Study Planning. Furthermore, it offers a monthly schedule for social events, lectures and small conferences that are all oriented into business development and startups.

Address: B5 building, smart village – Cairo Alexandria Road

#7. ICE Cairo (Downtown):

This is a decent co-working space in the Cairo’s downtown. In there, the amazing streets and old decorations give you good vibes to work there. It’s different because they corporate with an international co-working company.

You will feel friendly there and be welcomed generously. They created a good and friendly working environment by adding garden lights. Furthermore, they re-use the organic waste and recycled furniture. This one is highly rated with a strong supporting community.

It costs you around 10 EGP per hour for the workspace or the recreational area. You can rent the meeting room for 500 EGP full day. They offer you Internet Connection, 4 iMac’s, Photocopy Machine, and Full Display System.

Address: 32 Sabri Abou Alam Street, 1st floor, Downtown, Cairo

Other Spaces in Egypt:

While the above-mentioned spaces are the most popular in Egypt, there are many others around Cairo and overall Egypt. Here are some of these places that you may find useful and interesting to you:

That was a wide variety of the top-ranked co-working spaces in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, and Mansoura. While most of them are dedicated to businesses and entrepreneurship, a few others are targeting artists and creators. Check them all and you will find a perfect place for your creations.


The co-working spaces don’t only aim at connecting people, but also connecting ideas, knowledge, and culture. You definitely will find many places and co-working centers that will help and support your ideas. You will also get to connect with like-minded people. And this is the real core of it all.

Most of the freelancers, Students, and startup owners prefer using the co-working spaces for the good working environment they used to offer. And yet, they’re surprisingly affordable to rely on. If you’re holding periodic meetings, these places could be the perfect bet for your best corporate image.

That was all about the best co-working spaces in Egypt. Please let me know in the comments section below for any questions or inquiries. Also, don’t forget sharing this list with those who might be interested.

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