ClickTicker Review: How To Maximize Your Website ROI?

Last month, I went live with my very first Facebook campaign to advertise my blog. The main goal of this campaign was to bring more visitors to check and download our E-book freebie.

We set a very simple funnel for this campaign and we invested very little to test things out and see how it will work. Our funnel was to bring traffic to our blog website, collect email addresses to our mailing list, and in return, they get our E-book freebie.

The funnel was very concise, yet very powerful in terms of results. We got an unexpected conversion rate and accordingly more people to sign up to our mailing list. Since the mailing list is the real backbone of any online business, we put it as a priority from day one.

We invested something around $15 USD on Facebook advertising and thankfully it brought in 26 email addresses signups. That was really cool

The campaign brought 26 newsletter signups for $15. This means that we paid around $0.55 for each single email address we collected. I see it amazing especially as our very first Facebook advertising campaign for this blog.

I made sure to apply A/B testing techniques to see which ad is to bring more visits and signups. One thing I was wondering about was what if there is a solution that can let me monitor my campaign 24/7!

A Solution That Matters:

During that time the campaign was on and running, I was like sticking in front of my laptop screen every once and a while. I was refreshing my website visitors’ stats screen to see if any new results. I was going over to my mailing list page and refresh again and again to see if any new signups.

If I wanted to do anything else like going to the bathroom, washing dishes, or watching TV, I still need to grab my phone and keep refreshing pages to see updates. Although I enjoyed all these, I was like soaked in. Why? Because I wanted to keep it monitored momentarily and see how beneficial my first advertisement campaign will go through.

What’s really interesting is that I recently discovered such a great solution to keep your advertising campaigns monitored and analyzed on the go. It allows you to monitor the clicks, impressions, and conversion rates without the urgent need to keep refreshing pages.

This revolutionary solution is called ClickTicker. The developers behind it were very considerate about the advertiser’s thoughts and concerns. They brought a smart tool into the market with a target to get real-time transparency from your advertising campaign.

Thanks to ClickTicker, You don’t need to keep refreshing pages, pulling in, and downloading reports to see how your advertising campaign went so far. It is the only self-updating, live-streaming, push-reporting solution on the planet.

Advertise Like a Pro:

ClickTicker Review: How to Maximize Your Website ROI?

ClickTicker streams your critical advertisement data like clicks, impressions, and conversions on the go. It’s self-updating every second and implemented with push reporting for your convenience.

It’s seriously easy to get started monitoring your advertisement:

  1. Create a unique tracking link from the dashboard.
  2. Place the conversion pixel or post-back on your advertisement.
  3. Go live!

Don’t Put Your Money To Sleep:

They made it very clear saying that “Wall Street doesn’t wait for refreshes, logins, or data pulls, and neither should you”. It’s critical to keep your advertisement results monitored every second and this is what ClickTicker exactly do.

According to their website, ClickTicker allows you to:

  • See Self-updating Performance and ROI data.
  • Track spend and revenue without refreshing your screen.
  • Monitor the critical data on desktop, tablets, or mobile devices.
  • Create truly customized campaigns to meet your marketing needs.
  • Redirect users to relevant destination pages based on geo-locale.
  • Whitelist your employee’s actions.

Real-Time Tracking:

I have been in the market as an e-commerce developer for 11+ years. I see that most companies and worldwide analytics firms are still way behind the real-time metrics. Most of them are advertising such words but in fact, they actually can’t deliver the real-time tracking and reporting to their clients.

What I seriously loved about ClickTicker is that it has been built to change the world. It’s a whole new technology invading the market today when new ideas are so few. It is just the real deal.

Not only can you monitor your advertising campaigns, but you still can set ClickTicker to monitor your website visitor analytics, clicks, and conversions live. It’s self-updating, live-streaming, and push-reporting with interesting visual and audio alerts on customizable events.

ClickTicker 30 Days Free Trial:

Don’t want to take the risk?

ClickTicker offers a 30-days free trial with no commitment or anything.

If you didn’t like it, then do not pay for it.
You got to give it a decent try for free. It’s a win-win deal.

ClickTicker Review: How To Maximize Your Website ROI? #ClickTicker #Marketing #ROI

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post. It means that I’ve received a compensation for this blog post; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own based on a real in-depth personal experience. I only recommend and write about products I personally love and find useful for my readers.¬†

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