ClickFunnels For Restaurants: The Ultimate Approach

You probably need sales to funnel! If you are a restaurant or bar owner, a sales funnel will definitely help you guaranteeing full seats every day and night. In this article, I’m sharing with you excellent tips and the best ideas to use ClickFunnels for restaurants.

Whatever you’re selling, a sales funnel will make your life easier. I’ll show you in this article how helpful a sales funnel can be to your restaurant. I will also reveal how restaurants can take advantage of sales funnels to develop their earnings. Actually, every organization needs an online sales to funnel.

When people go to your bar or restaurant, the first stage of your funnel is essentially reached. The hostess, the waitress, the food, the whole experience will decide whether your client is going to come back to your place or not.

Let’s dig deeper and see how to design your sales funnel. And most importantly, how to build it using ClickFunnels. The software is really advanced and allows you to build optimal sales funnel for the ultimate business success.

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ClickFunnels Features

ClickFunnels is an awesome online sales funnel creator. The tool helps businesses and website owners to build funnels that simply sell. ClickFunnels platform is pretty easy for beginners and has got many advanced features for professionals.

The platform allows you to build professional funnels using pre-made templates. The platform has also got a number of templates that would perfectly fit your business and products.

Here are the ClickFunnels features:

  • Simple drag and drop webpage editor
  • Quickly build sales funnels that convert
  • Smart shopping cart with 1 click upsells
  • Email and Facebook Marketing Automation
  • Everything organized in one simple dashboard

With a drag-and-drop feature, you will basically find ClickFunnels very awesome for your business. You can create a lot of funnels including membership funnels, webinar funnels, and hangout funnels.


What is ClickFunnels?

Russell Brunson and his team created ClickFunnels in 2014. ClickFunnels is a sales funnels development software in its very heart. With many more whistles and bells. It can be used for building: landing pages, squeeze pages, webinars, membership sites. Any type of sales funnel you can imagine, with bumps of order, upsells and downsales.

In essence, without having to employ expensive developers, you get everything you need to market and sell your products online. Individuals & Corporates have successfully used ClickFunnels to drive more sales. Approximately, over 300 companies have already created over one million dollars in sales using ClickFunnels! What are you waiting for?

Seriously, ClickFunnels?

I bet you’re always saying that you’re providing great service and serving good food. And you hope that anyone walking in your restaurant is returning back. And I’d like to believe you. What do you do, however, to bring the first time people into the door?

Word of Mouth? Sure it’s okay and fine. But what if I told you that ClickFunnels almost every day creates a MILLIONAIRE. With your restaurant or bar, you can make more in revenue. A sales funnel will help to sell your exclusive offerings via a funnel page.

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ClickFunnels For Restaurants

ClickFunnel;s for Restaurants

The basic idea of creating a sales funnel for your restaurant is to get people in. And then, you walk your customer into a set of levels that include upsellings or a returning back potential. What I mean is designing a client’s journey into your restaurant.

First, you may promote an advertisement that says: Come and have a delicious meal! So how can these be used to bring more customers to restaurants? By using vouchers that encourage people to enter your restaurant. You may offer a couple incentives for leaving recommendations to others.

The good part is that you can automate the whole process using ClickFunnels for restaurants. That’s True! You can create a basic funnel of two pages; a Sign-Up Page promoting a voucher and a Thank you Pag with a coupon.

The best thing about ClickFunnels is that you’re not starting from scratch. The ClickFunnels marketplace is offering you a wide variety of templates or layouts ready to be used immediately. Whatever your business field is, ClickFunnels has got many options for you.

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Sign Up Page for Restuarant

In a signup page, you want to bring your customer in. You may promote a voucher or a particular service coupon. Using Facebook and Facebook Ads to promote your signup page are also great ideas.

Let’s think about it. What elements you SHOULD include in the Signup page?

  • Featuring the BIG benefit (the free voucher).
  • Mentioning the limited number of vouchers available.
  • Couple spots to capture the name and email address.
  • A button to go to the next page after completion.
  • The background picture adds a nice touch, too.

In this page, you’ve earned your customer’s names and email addresses. And this is seriously a great bonus. This will let you build and grow a mailing list. This is your intimate list for interested people. You can send them an email whenever you have got something new, a certain offer, or a discount.

It’s as easy as possible to create a lead generation page with ClickFunnels. The only challenge here would be getting more and more people visiting this page. I mean the page traffic. Luckily, traffic generation has never been easier today with the help of Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Thank You Page & Coupon

The thank-you page is the next page that appears to the customer after submitting his information. This should be as catchy and neet as possible. You can also upsell additional services on that page for money. Or you can say nice words with links to your social media channels.

This page is even easier than the lead generation page. So here’s what you need:

  • Thank you for the e-mail address you trust.
  • Check your inbox as the voucher is going to be sent.
  • Share links to your social media channels and ask to join.
  • You MAY upsell additional offers.

The free voucher is actually a great way to capture people’s eyeballs. When the voucher is used, there is some sort of urgency to sign up and see more. ClickFunnels will let you automate email messages to be automatically sent to your customers with the voucher coupon.

Wrapping Up

ClickFunnels is a great tool to capture leads and collect email addresses for email marketing campaigns. Besides helping you to promote vouchers and certain offers, ClickFunnels for restaurants will automate the lead generation process on your behalf.

The alternative way to do the same is to receive phone calls for reservations of claiming vouchers. This is a tedious process and will take you more time generating less lead comparatively. On the other side, ClickFunnels will automate the whole process for you.

That was it all about how to use ClickFunnels for restaurants. Please let us know your feedback in the comments section below. We would love to hear back from you. And please don’t forget to share this awesome article with everyone on social media.

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