How To Check Domain Name History (Best Tools)

And you now decided about a domain name for starting your blog . In this article, I will show you how to check domain name history using initiative smart tools. Such tools are always proving how transparent the internet is & should be.

I understand that you’re about to purchase a new domain name. But have you thought that this domain might have an old history with a previous owner? Yes, you’re getting it on the regular price from the registrar’s directly. But still, It might have been owned previously!

This domain name registration history might be great in terms of backlinks and different mentions on other sites. It also might be filled with black malicious history. Accordingly, It’s very important to check domain name history search before buying the domain.

That is my suggestion to you at this point. Before going ahead and buying a domain name, check and verify if any history is involved for it. This will help you to decide whether it’s a good choice or a bad one which might affect your site growth.

Tools To Check Domain Name History:

There are many tools available on the internet that will allow you to check a domain name’s history. Furthermore, You can also see how this site was looking like on a given date (if there’s is a history).

In this quick article, I made sure to include these tools I used to use every time I’m looking up a new domain name. The following tools are free and allows you to get a clear full idea about domain ownership history.

Domain Tools:

Domain Tools is a premium service allows it’s users to lookup any domain name for historical data. It also allows you to get more information about the DNS records and nameservers.

They’re claiming to be the internet’s most complete domain history database. It gives their users a wide set of high-valued tools to check and track domain ownership changes, ownership records and the entire domain ownership trial. It also has a complete database for domains listed for sale.

Domain Tools also offers you It’s also available as a browser’s add-on to lookup domain names while working directly. It’s a paid service costs $49.95/mo. A bit expensive but it should be your ultimate tool when it comes to check domain name history. is a free service that allows you to check information about any given domain name. Whether this domain name is available to get or already registered, This tool will help you to do a complete domain name history lookup.

You can check the following information:

  • Domain Owner’s Information.
  • Website Information.
  • Website Statistics.
  • Nameservers & Host IP.

It also allows you to keep an eye on any of the domain names in there. This will notify you via email address shall that domain name became available.

Internet Wayback Machine:

Basically, This is the time machine of the internet! It’s a part of the Internet Archive. It’s an open-source organization that keeps a record of each website on the internet. Furthermore, It makes it available of a wide timing range.

This tool will allow you to see how a website was looking like on a given date. It’s using cookies and crawlers to keep records of the internet. And it’s Free! This means you can use it for your future ventures.

It’s time to travel back in time and see the origin or any domain name on the internet.

Whois Request: request

Whois Request is a great tool to check whether a domain name has been registered before. This tool has been tracking nameservers changes since 2002 for all com, net, org, info, biz and us domain names.

It also offers additional services as follows:

  • Whois Lookup: Domain & IP.
  • Reverse IP Lookup.
  • Reverse Nameservers Lookup.

Whois Request tools allows you to search in public whoIs databases about a specific domain name or IP Address (IPv4 and IPv6). You can also find more information and contact details for a domain’s owner.

Overall, It’s a great tool and will answer many of your questions concerning the domain in question.


Into DNS

IntoDNS is another free tool that help you to check the DNS health & configurations of any given domain name. It gives a detailed DNS report upon looking a domain up.

It also provides suggestions to fix and improve the DNS configurations with references to protocols’ official documentation.

This tool is another great one if you want to get more information about a specific website in terms of hosting provider, mail settings, IP Configurations, ..etc. This tool is trusted among many web hosting providers in the industry.


HosterStats is another great tool to check all the DNS information for a given domain name. It’s giving more clear information about the domain hosting provider via the nameservers.

HostStats also allows tracking of web hosting & domain statistics for millions of web hosting providers using their nameservers. Using this tool will help you to get more details on how many domains a company is hosting. It will even answer more complicated questions for you.

Yes, You can use this tool to trace the DNS information records. Also, you can check the ownership contact details of your domain name (as long as a whois guard is not enabled).

Domain Name History Checker?

These are the tools that I always refer to every time I’m buying a domain name. It’s your turn to let me know which tools you’ve been using. And if you’ve got any experiences with the above mentioned tools.

I used to use Domain Tools for a long time along with IntoDNS to check domain name history. This way I make sure to keep domain names changes tracked.

The wayback machine helped me numerous times to pull up an old look of a site. I managed to see my first ever website crawled in there!

If this article was helpful, be sure to let me know in the comments below. Feel free to ask or peruse through the other articles on my site for more WordPress Tips and Configuration Guides.

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