How To Cancel HostGator Plan? (& Refund Eligibility)

For many reasons, you may need to cancel the HostGator account. Regardless of why you want to do that, the process is pretty easy and straight-forward. I will not only show you how to cancel the HostGator account. But also, I will tell you about HostGator refund eligibility to see if you’ve encountered a refund after cancellation.

No hard feelings at all! HostGator is hosting over 9 million domain names on its platform. While it may work perfectly for me, it may not be the perfect thing for you and so on. Or you may have got a new idea for your online business.

It doesn’t matter why! Most importantly, you will need to do it properly. In this article today, I will show you how to cancel the HostGator account. Furthermore, I will clear the myth around the HostGator refund eligibility.

Secure New Hosting Plan

It won’t be wise at all to cancel your HostGator account without securing another hosting package. You will first need to purchase a new hosting account shall you want to keep your website online.

I would recommend; BlueHost, GreenGeeks, FastComet, or A2 Hosting. GreenGeeks & FastComent are so willing to transfer your website to your new account with them totally free of charge.

And in case you’ve got a website/blog to transfer away from HostGator, You may ask for the Free Migration service. BlueHost is offering this migration service at an additional fee.

Cancel Hostgator Account:

Cancel HostGator Hosting

I’ve got several accounts with HostGator. When I first started using their service, I opted for the HostGator Hatchling plan a few years ago. And then, I’ve opted in for additional packages (I usually use the Baby plan).

If you’re in my case (having several accounts under your panel), make sure you’re canceling the right package. You will need to know the ID number and primary domain for the account you’re canceling.

Here, you will have to follow the steps below:

1. Open a Support Chat Window:

Now that you’re sure about which package you want to cancel, it’s time to finalize your request. All you need to do here is to fire up HostGator Live Chat. And ask the support people for a package cancellation.

If you’re finding it difficult to locate the Live Chat button, you can use this link; HostGator Support page. Say hey, and ask for a service cancelation. Just make sure to provide the order ID and account’s primary domain name.

They might ask about the reason for cancelation. My theory here is to be as honest as possible. If you’re canceling due to bad service quality, say that. If it’s all about merging your stuff, mention that clearly. I always love to say it as it is! no hard feelings here.

Followed by a few other questions, you should be almost canceling your package. Furthermore, HostGator will send you an email with an official cancelation notification for your convenience. Yes, that was it all.

2. Cancel PayPal Payment Subscription:

It may sound silly, but it really happens! In order to avoid being over-charged for the upcoming billing terms, you’ll need to manually cancel your PayPal payment subscription.

All you need is to log in to your PayPal account, find the subscription, and cancel it. Here, you’ve totally canceled your HostGator account along with ceasing the associated billing subscription.

HostGator 45 Day Refund

The company is offering up to 45 days money-back guarantee with no questions asked. Have you just bought web hosting from HostGator and you want to cancel it? HostGator will refund the money back in full.

In order to comply with the refund policy, your cancelation request should be processed within the first 45 days after the service purchase. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for the money-back refund.

Some other web hosting companies like iPage are offering anytime pro-rated refunds. This means that whenever you would like to cancel your web hosting plan, you’re eligible for a refund for the remaining period of time. HostGator only guarantees a 45-day full refund, though.

Kindly also be noted that domain names are not eligible for refunds. The domain name you pick up is yours. Whether you would like to keep it or leave it, the amount paid to register your domain name won’t be refundable.

It’s also wise to see See HostGator Terms of Service for additional information regarding the cancellation process.

Why Can’t I Cancel HostGator over the Phone?

Because canceling your Account also results in the deletion of your data, we require the cancellation request to be “in writing”. This means that you will need to open a support chat request with HostGator as indicated in step one above.

This protects you from someone impersonating you on the phone, like an ex-employee, ex-web designer, etc. and provides you proper notice that a cancellation request has been received on your account.

How To Stop Receiving Invoices?

You will need to submit a cancellation request. This could be done via opening a new support chat request or simply by filling the service cancellation form (section 12 of HostGator Terms of Service). Once submitted, HostGator can proceed with deleting your data and renewal invoices.

If you’re still receiving invoices after canceling your account, there could be something wrong with your cancellation request. You will need to follow up by opening a new chat request to ask for more information and simply clear that out.

Kindly be noted that HostGator doesn’t cancel domain names with your cancelation request. Domain names renewal invoices will keep being generated for you until you decide to let it expire. For that, you will need to make sure that you’ve canceled the automatic payment subscription.


Firstly, I’ve thought it might take them ages to approve my account cancelation. But honestly, the whole thing didn’t take more than a few times. The only wait I’ve had was the Live Chat waiting line. Other than that, my experience was beyond great.

Have you got an old web hosting package from HostGator that you don’t use? It’s time then to get rid of it all and do the cancelation right away. It will be much easier than how you ever thought about it.

That was all! Please let me know in the comments section below for any questions or inquiries. That was literally everything about how to cancel your HostGator package and more details about refund eligibility.

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