How To Buy Web Hosting From Bluehost? (57% OFF)

I see you’re looking forward to setup your own website. That’s awesome! In this article, I will show you how to buy web hosting from Bluehost (Step-by-Step Tutorial + Promo Link).

The first step here is to Sign Up for a web hosting account and a domain name. That being said, You will need to buy a web hosting and a domain name from a web hosting provider.

Before heading any further, let me tell you exactly what is the domain and what I mean by getting a web hosting account. You will need to understand these terms first.

What is the domain name? The Domain name is simply the address (URL) by which people will be able to discover your blog online like for example (eg.

What is the web hosting space? The web hosting space is the place where the majority of your blog files, images, records, ..etc will be hosted on the web. So, when someone is going to type in the browser for example (eg., the files on this web hosting space should be recalled and then your blog will be displayed on the browser.

There are many hosting providers available out there. Here in this guide, I’m going in-depth on how to sign up for a web hosting account from Bluehost.

In simple words, Bluehost is a leading U.S based web hosting provider. They’re ultimately hosting over 2 million websites on their servers. And they’re offering a great service for competitive prices ($3.95/mo).

Furthermore, They’re offering Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free Domain Name included, & 24/7 Live Chat Support for your convenience.

In this guide, I will show you how to buy web hosting from BlueHost (with our promo link). We’re not giving you a coupon code to use in the sign-up process. Alternatively, We managed to get Bluehost $3.95/mo promo link for our readers.

Buy Web Hosting from BlueHost
(57% Discount Promo added in the link)

NB: This article contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small referral commission when you buy the service using my affiliate link. The earnings help to grow the blog and write more useful content.

How to Buy Web Hosting from Bluehost?

It won’t take more than a few minutes. It’s super easy to sign up for BlueHost Web Hosting account. Just make sure you’re following the steps below and you will get it done right.

Step 1 → Go to Bluehost:

First, Go to Bluehost (Discount added in the link) and click “Get Started Now” button.

Step 2 → Select a Web Hosting Plan:

Then, It will ask you to choose the web hosting plan. BlueHost offers 3 plans here:

  • Basic: (host one domain)
  • Plus: (host multiple domains)
  • Pro: (host multiple domains + Over $180/yr in extras)

I would say if you’re intending to host one domain only, then select the basic plan. It offers very good value. And as a newbie blogger, You won’t need the plus or pro packages until you grow your site and get more visitors.

Step 3 → Enter Your Domain Name:

Now that you’ve selected your web hosting plan, It will ask you to choose your desired domain name. There are two options listed here:

  • New Domain: register a new domain name (Free Domain Included).
  • I have a Domain Name: use your current domain name (If you’ve one already).

Don’t have a domain name? No worries, Bluehost offers a FREE domain name registration (Included with the web hosting plan). Just make sure to enter your desired domain in “New Domain“.

Have a domain name already and want to use it? Sure thing. Make sure to enter your current domain name in “I have a Domain Name“. Then, Bluehost will put it as your account’s primary domain name.

And click “Next“.

Step 4 → Enter Account Information:

To create your account, Bluehost asks you here to put in your information like Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, etc. Make sure to submit correct information.

Then “Scroll Down“.

Step 5 → Enter Account Information:

Then it will ask you to choose your package information and add-ons.

If you’re just starting up and worried about the investment, I would strongly recommend that you go with the Basic 12 month in the beginning.

If you’re okay with the pre-investment, then it’s better to go with Basic 36 month to get a better discount rate and additional huge savings.

IMPORTANT TIP HERE: Also, I see that you don’t need any of Domain Privacy Protection, Site Backup Pro, or SiteLock Security at the beginning. I suggest that you start your blog as it is and upgrade your package as you grow your blog on the way.

[fruitful_alert type=”alert-success”]So if you choose the Basic 12 month, and uncheck Domain Privacy Protection, Site Backup Pro, and SiteLock Security, your package will be for $65.45 with a free domain name. [/fruitful_alert]

Then “Scroll Down“.

Step 6 → Enter Billing Information:

Here, It will ask you to put in your payment information to finalize your order. If you prefer to pay using PayPal, click on “More payment options“.

After completing all the necessary information, click on “Submit”. You will be then taken to the Payment page whether it’s a credit card or a PayPal payment.

After completing the payment, your Bluehost account will be activated automatically.

Step 7 → Create Password:

Now you need to create a strong password for your account.

Then, Login to your account and start playing with your new web hosting account cPanel (you can log in at

A Final Word:

I hope that you find this guide useful. I made my best to illuminate each step in details. If you need any further assistance, please reach out to me in the comments section below. I would love to help you further.

Buy Web Hosting from BlueHost
(57% Discount Promo added in the link)

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3 thoughts on “How To Buy Web Hosting From Bluehost? (57% OFF)”

  1. Hi Karim,
    Thanks for the great article. I’d like to ask how bluehost will bill me if I choose the 24 or 36 month? Did will they take the whole amount one time or every year?

    1. Mohammed,
      Thanks for the comment,

      BlueHost will charge you for your web hosting account on a recurring basis. It means that if you chose 12 months, they will charge you every 12 months. And if you chose 24 months, then they will charge you every 24 months.

      Web hosting is like the ADSL payments (RECURRING) and is not available at one time payment at all.

      I would say follow the steps mentioned above in the article, and choose 12 months billing cycle for $65.40. This means that you will get your web hosting account for one year and the next payment date will be after 12 months from the sign up date.

      I always recommend 12 months especially for beginners when they’re just starting up their blogs, and don’t want to spend too much in the beginning.

      I hope it answered your inquiry,
      Let me know if you need further assistance.

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