BlueHost Website Builder Review (Truly Unbiased)

One of the great ways to help web hosting clients is to offer a robust website builder. That’s exactly what BlueHost does! In this article, I’m sharing an unbiased BlueHost Website Builder Review to easily build your website.

These website builders will definitely allow you to build a very nice website. And it happens without touching a single line of code. In a matter of a few minutes up to an hour, you can get your new website up and running.

In this article today, I’m explaining the benefits of BlueHost website builder. BlueHost is a great web host. And when it comes to building your website, they’ve got you totally covered!

First: Sign Up For BlueHost Web Hosting

If you’ve already bought web hosting from BlueHost, then you can skip this step and proceed with the other technical steps to point Godaddy domain to BlueHost.

If you’ve not yet purchased web hosting, then let’s do it with a 57% exclusive discount(for a limited time). To grab your discount, You will need to use our promo link. This is an exclusive discount for our blog readers. I’m sure you don’t want to miss it.


After visiting our promo link, Clik on “Get Started Now” to get your hosting account. BlueHost offers three different plans. Basic plan is what I recommend in the beginning. You still can upgrade later anytime.

Does BlueHost Have a Website Builder?

Assuming you don’t have any technical knowledge, BlueHost will help you along the way. Basically, a website builder will let you build a stunning website without writing a single line of code.

There are many website building software to install on a computer. BlueHost is offering an online-based solution to design your website on the go. And you can see changes online the same moment.

What Website Builder Does BlueHost Use?

BlueHost is offering the website builder functionality using WordPress and/or Weebly. Both are offering different features to build your upcoming new website with ease.

Both WordPress and Weebly come with many options and ready-made blocks. All these features will let you customize your website like a pro.

Let me delve deeper and discuss both solutions further:

Weebly Website Builder:

Right now, BlueHost is featuring two versions for Weebly; Basic and Pro. Both plans allow you to build a website. But each comes with different features and limitations.

The basic version is the free option that comes integrated with your BlueHost account. Let’s review the basic plan’s features below and see what we can do with it:

  • Building up to 6-pages for a single website.
  • Youtube Videos Integration.
  • Building Web Forms.
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization.
  • Supports Blogging & RSS Feed.

If you think the above features are a bit limited, Pro version comes handy. Weebly Pro allows you to build stunning webites using a wide range of features. Let’s see below:

  • Building Unlimited Web Pages.
  • Advanced Layer of Security & Performane.
  • Premium Templates/Themes to choose from.
  • Upload Custom Favicon.
  • Online Booking Capabilities.
  • Embed File Attachments for Download.
  • Supports Audio Player.
  • Integrated Image Editor.

As you can see, the Weebly Pro comes collective with more features. For me, I would go a bit advanced and use WordPress. Continue reading to see the benefits of using WordPress website builder!

WordPress Website Builder:

WordPress is a content management platform (CMS). It has got everything you might need to build a professional website. And you can use the most popular website builder plugin; Elementor.

This plugin allows you to build stunning web pages with simple drag and drop. In a matter of a few minutes, you could have a great-looking site. And you don’t need any coding knowledge to get started.

Furthermore, WordPress allows you to add, edit and delete on the go. It means you will get a features-packed control panel to perfectly manage your website.

For me I chose Elementor website builder. But you still can browse the different plugins and themes available for free on the Public WordPress Repository.

BlueHost Website Templates

Whichever website builder platform you’ll decide to choose, you’re covered. Both builders come packed with dozens of ready-made templates to build your website on.

For me, I would strongly recommend using WordPress over Weebly. Not only have you got thousands of free and premium templates to choose from. But also, you’ve got the community support since ~ 30% of the internet websites are all based on WordPress.

And on using a plugin like Elementor, you will get a variety of ready-made templates. Everything could be done on the go while visualizing the look and editing on the front-end.

How To Use BlueHost Website Builder?

Your account will come up packed and ready with both Weebly and WordPress options. To access these site builders, simply follow the detailed steps below:

  1. Log in to your BlueHost account.
  2. You will find Install WordPress and Use Weebly options.

Whichever option you will choose, you’re a few steps away from building a professional website for your business. Yes, BlueHost is very sufficient and up-to-date with all your web hosting needs.

BlueHost Website Builder Review (Conclusion):

That was everything about BlueHost website builder. Actually, BlueHost doesn’t have a special website builder kind of platform. Instead, you can easily build your website using solutions like: Weebly or WordPress (with Elementor).

Please let me know shall you’ve got any questions about BlueHost website builder review. And don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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