BlueHost Server Location: Where Are Data Centers?

BlueHost is a reputable web hosting company that has been around for a long time. We’ve been using their services with complete satisfaction. In this article, we’re answering the question of what is BlueHost server location and where are data centers around the world?

BlueHost server efficiency is excellent and is thus constantly being recommended by WordPress. Along with your web hosting plan, you will get tons of features and tools to kickstart your website launching process.

If you visit their official website, you can not find details on Bluehost data centers. This doesn’t mean that there is just one data center across the globe. Bluehost data centers are currently situated globally. This helps to serve their clients globally with delayed, stable, and quicker web storage.

Bluehost, as well as HostGator and other hosting companies, belongs to the EIG umbrella company. But its servers were not moved to either of the EIG-owned datacenters or converging cloud network reports are available. Therefore, when you launch a Bluehost account, you’re not given any options to choose the server location.

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What is Server Location?

The geographical position of most of its servers is an essential feature to consider when choosing a hosting company. You will clearly aim to locate a server position near to your target market. Besides, the BlueHost email service is performing really well.

All that wish to access the website will do so easily, with few to no interruptions. The performance of a particular data center depends on the local telecommunications infrastructure of the area. In regions that possess modern fiber channels, for example, data centers are better connected than the old DSL connection systems.

Why Location Matters?

The address of the server is the position of the website datacenter. This location can be everywhere in the world anywhere you stay. For eg, I live in India, and my hosting company is in India. This does not mean, however, that my web site’s server is based in India.

There could be either India / US or anywhere my provider has servers. The response to your server position query is quite resounding. The charging pace of your website is a significant consideration.

Returning to the previous case, the hosting of my website on the US or UK domain raises the geographical gap between my client and the server’s venue, and thus increases the time taken to gather data when a user requests it. Instead, if I were in India to host my website, the loading period would reduce which, in effect, would speed up my website.

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BlueHost Server Location

Bluehost has not talked anywhere on its website about its server positions. The most prominent data centers including the Bluehost primary and secondary data centers are in the USA, however. Bluehost is believed to have 6 data centers worldwide that help its customers to target global visitors.

Most of the server space of Bluehost is distributed in its Unified Layer Cloud services in Utah. As such, Bluehost is a key network operator for the Southwest and Midwest of the United States.

The central server farm in Provo, Utah is Bluehost and occupies an area of 4,600m2. In addition, Bluehost still has data centers in India, China, and the UK where much of the world’s networks are reached.

Here is the list with our research and findings of Bluehost data centers and server destinations worldwide:

  • Provo, Utah – United States
  • Mumbai, India
  • London, United Kingdom

Obviously Bluehost is a big organization that utilizes multiple data centers to leverage the integrated network around the world. Especially since being acquired by EIG, Bluehost has extended its partnership with several others across the globe.

Choosing Server Location

BlueHost is serving a wide range of customers from around the world. And being a part of EIG company, BlueHost could be sharing data center locations with other web hosting brands under EIG too. All these data centers help them to provide optimum solutions for the hosting services.

On the other hand, there is no direct option on their website to choose a particular server location while placing an order. Bluehost does not want to give its consumers the opportunity to select directly the data center. This could be because they are rather keen to protect the anonymity of their places.

Yes, it is true that the location of server matters, but it also makes a difference when it comes to the data center ‘s quality, the technical aspects of the selected web hosting, the complements you add to your site, etc.

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BlueHost CDN

The CDN is a network of servers scattered across the world that store cached information on your website. CDNs seek to load the page as easily as if it was right at the position of your customers.

Using the BlueHost CDN (Content Delivery Network) is strongly recommended. This will get your website mirrored on a number of different server locations around the world. This practice helps to reduce your website loading time significantly and accordingly increasing the performance.

Here are the benefits of BlueHost free CDN:

  • Less Latency: The closer you are to the end-user the faster your webpage loads, the better the search results, and your sales are.
  • Higher Availability: If a site is inaccessible, the CDN will still load your website from the stored cached copy. Thus, you’re never offline!
  • Greater Scalability: Your content can handle a higher traffic volume at many locations worldwide.

Web-users don’t want late loading websites to bother them. They usually come back to a similar website for competitors, and this is not what you want. The distance between the server and user that data travels influences the speed of loading your website.

Convert your guests to paid customers by hosting your Websites in a fast and secure data center with a direct connection to all major local Internet providers. The CDN will greatly help to always keep your website fast, secure, and optimized.

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Wrapping Up

BlueHost is a huge company with over 2 million domain names hosted on their network. While other companies may offer the option to choose the server location, BlueHost does not offer this option to customers.

Instead, you may need to go to a different BlueHost website! There are a number of geo-located BlueHost websites. For example, BlueHost UK and BlueHost India. Other than that, BlueHost will automatically assign your new account to their servers.

In relation to the web site’s success and meeting your target audience, the physical position of your hosting company data centers is essential. When choosing a hosting service, take time to look at data center locations and to identify the best place for your website storage space.

That was it all about the BlueHost Server Location. Kindly let me know in the comments section below shall you require any assistance. And don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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