BlueHost Refund Policy: How Reliable Is It? (Detailed)

It’s always better to test the waters and test-drive the service before establishing a billing commitment. That’s why the top web hosting companies are offering a money-back guarantee. Here, I’m reviewing the BlueHost Refund Policy.

Some companies are legitimately offering a smooth refund policy. But many other companies don’t even stick to it. On asking for a refund, you’ll start to experience the bad side with a slower response-rate on tickets and phone calls.

I’ve been researching and testing web hosting companies for the past decades. And I got a wide range of experiences with different web hosting businesses. BlueHost is offering a money-back guarantee within 30 days after your purchase.

Many companies are offering decent web hosting services. But what if something went wrong? Would you still be able to get a full refund back to your credit card? While many companies don’t off money-back guarantee, BlueHost does within your very first 30 days after the purchase.

BlueHost Cancellation Policy

Well, BlueHost is a reliable web hosting company. With over 2 million hosted websites on their platform, their customers couldn’t be wrong. Let’s talk in detail about BlueHost 30 Days money-back guarantee.

Let’s say, you’ve bought web hosting from BlueHost. And a few days later, you wanted to cancel it. As long as you’re within the first 30 days of using the service, you can request a cancellation. And BlueHost refund policy is applicable. You will receive your money back to your credit card or PayPal balance.

But unfortunately, BlueHost does not give its customers prorated refunds after 30 days from the purchase date. If you want to cancel your BlueHost web hosting service, you will still receive a 100% refund only in the first 30-days time window.

Furthermore, Let’s simplify it below:

  • Full refund – If you cancel within 30 days.

One disclaimer here, Domain names and additional services (such as; SiteLock) are not refundable. And this because BlueHost pays for these services for you. Furthermore, this allows you to keep your domain.

  • Domain Name – Non-Refundable ($15.99).
  • Extra Addons (SEO, SiteLock, SSL Certificate, ..etc) – Non-Refundable.

Overall, Money-Back Guarantee is an important factor to decide which web hosting company to go for. And if you’re a newbie getting started, this gives you huge flexibility knowing that you can always get your money back.

Prorated Refunds

Prorated refund basically means that a refund is being paid based on the length of time you’ve been using the service. BlueHost doesn’t offer any prorated refunds after the 30 days money-back guarantee period. You’ll only get a 100% refund of the money paid within the first 30 days after the actual purchase date.

For example, You’ve just opted in for a web hosting account and paid for a year. And after three months of using the service, you requested a refund. Thus, you will only receive a corresponding amount for the remaining unused period of 9 months. This is what’s called a prorated refund.

On the other side, some other companies are offering prorated refunds for the remaining unused periods such as; iPage and HostGator. Of course, Bluehost wins the competition in terms of service quality and support.

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Can I keep my Domain Name?

Even after canceling your BlueHost web hosting account, you can keep your domain name. On requesting BlueHost refundpolicy, a fee of $15.99 for the domain name will be non-refundable. And you still can log in via your BlueHost account to access your domain name. You may also change Nameservers and fully-manage the domain name perfectly without any issues.

There is a required lock-period of 60 days after registering the domain name according to the ICANN. After that period, you’re always free to transfer your domain name to another registrar or point it elsewhere.

Here are extra tips on how BlueHost handles domain name cancellations:

  • Within 30 Days of the Initial Subscription: You may cancel the web hosting but the domain name fee ($15.99) is not refundable. You’re free to keep it or let it go.

To sum it up all, you can keep your domain name and use it as you prefer. The domain name is always yours unless you’ve decided to let it go. You cannot delete BlueHost domain name but you can let it expire by the end of the billing period without renewing it.

Some people are complaining; BlueHost charged me for the renewal while I’ve canceled my hosting account. To avoid that, you will need to cancel the automatic renewal for the domain name in order to avoid being automatically charged later on.

How To Cancel BlueHost & Get Refund?

That’s pretty easy and straight-forward. BlueHost guarantees an elite customer experience. And accordingly, the cancellation process is flawlessly processed with no stress on your side. You can easily request a cancellation and BlueHost refund policy by simply chatting with their support staff over the live chat or the help desk.

Bluehost does not offer an automatic cancelation feature, which means that you have to talk to an agent. Fortunately, everything can be done through live chat and it is pretty simple. You will need to submit your cancellation request to an agent via their live chat, for example.

Once you’ve decided about BlueHost Cancellation, You will need to reach out to their billing customer support. This is doable via different channels. Here we go:

  • Email them directly at (
  • Call them on (888) 401-4678 (toll-free).
  • Speak to an agent via Live Chat.

You’ll need to verify your ownership for that account you would like to cancel. Once completed, they will proceed with the account termination and refund submission.

Refunds are processed on the same channel you’ve used to pay them. If you’ve paid them via PayPal, refunds are submitted via PayPal. If your choice was Credit Card, Refunds are done the same way.

  • PayPal: Refunds Processed with 24 hours.
  • Credit Card: Refunds can take up to 10 days (according to your bank).

To summarize, BlueHost cancellations are swift and will be processed right away with no questions asked! Honestly, the company is doing very well at that part. Rest assured, you’re always safe with their refund guarantee.

Step by Step Cancelation Process

Bluehost hosting does not have the automated (easier) account cancelation option, which means you need to contact their supporter for a refund! Luckily, Bluehost ‘s Live Chat can be performed really easily and is fairly simple.

I include the entire Bluehost cancelation process for you with screenshots to share my experience with you in the cancelation of your hosting account and help you to easily perform your cancelation process for Bluehost in the meantime!

So when, within the first 30 days of purchases, you are still planning to cancel your web hosting plan, simply follow the following instructions:

  • Visit
  • Open up the Live Chat to speak with an agency.
  • Choose “Existing Customer“.
  • Enter your “Domain Name” and click “Next“.

Now you are moving to the next page where you need to choose the “Close Your Account” choice just below the subject portion. The type of plan you purchased below the Description section can be included and then you can type in the short note asking the Bluehost team for a BleuHost refund policy to be canceled.

A Bluehost Live Chat Support Specialist came to support me almost instantly, demanding my confirmation of my Bluehost account. Yes, only after which you will be able to continue with the cancelation and BlueHost refund policy process. You’ll need to provide your Bluehost account confirmation using an email token.

BlueHost Validation Token

The Bluehost representative after I received the BlueHost validation Token in the Inbox of my Authorized Email Address, was good enough to make sure that I still had a back-up on my website prior to the cancelation process and that I checked that my original payment system was working.

So all you need to do now is just confirm the cancelation of your Bluehost account and go! Bluehost will handle the refund 5 to 7 working days from now. And after that, you’ll receive the money refund back to your credit card or PayPal account.

Alternatives or Monthly Billing?

Over the long run, it could be a bit better to pay on a month to month basis instead of paying for a year ahead. At least, if things didn’t go well with your new website, you can basically stop the monthly billing and your losses will be cut off!

I hear from you! But unfortunately choosing the monthly billing option will cost you more money. And it will make you more liable to loose hope and close up your new website project. Remember, persistence is what makes people successful. If it’s easy, you’ll simply keep postponing it again and again.

When you pay for the web hosting on an annual basis, you get a massive discount that could be over 50 percent of the regular rate. If you choose to pay monthly, the monthly renewal term will be more expensive than paying for the whole year ahead.

Alternatively, you may choose other web hosting companies that are offering month-to-month billing terms. These reputable companies are; HostGator, FastComet, and SiteGround. While the monthly terms are more expensive, these options could – at least – perfectly fit into your comfort zone with paying month-to-month.

Change BlueHost Domain Name

Some other people may ask and wonder whether it’s possible to change the BlueHost domain name. But the question here, do you want to change BlueHost hosting primary domain to use the same hosting account for another domain name? Or you want to change the wording for your registered domain name?

Domain names – in general – are not applicable to be changed once registered. So you will have to make sure you’re proceeding with the domain name you’ve always wanted. Otherwise, you will have to register a new domain name later on.

On the other side, you still can change the BlueHost hosting primary domain name. And this way, you can use the same hosting account with another domain name without the need to purchase a new web hosting account for the new domain name.

Or you can basically opt-in for the BlueHost Plus plan as it allows you to host unlimited addon domain names on the same hosting account. On the other hand, the BlueHost Basic plan allows you to host a single domain name on the same hosting account.

BlueHost Refund Policy – Final Verdict

BlueHost money back policy guarantees that there are no commitments or hidden fees. You’re always free to use or cancel the service based on your needs and priorities. I’ve covered many topics related to BlueHost services and billing.

You need to take your options and select which company is best for you. Build a schedule for your new website and pick the best web hosting kit. This will provide you with a good foundation for yourself to sustain and succeed.

If you’re still wondering or have got more concerns, the following links will help you along the way:

Thanks so much for sticking by until right here. That was my thorough review of the BlueHost refund policy. Let me know if you require further assistance. Also, Feel free to share your thoughts via the comments section below.

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