What are BlueHost Marketing Credits (+ 57% OFF)

When you sign up for a BlueHost account, You will get free valuable BlueHost marketing credits. You can use these credits to promote your brand-new site. And it’s becoming essential nowadays for eCommerce websites.

Wondering what are the BlueHost marketing credits? Basically, These are certain coupon codes that you can use to receive free money balance on advertising platforms.

You can then use this free balance to pay for your website advertising on popular platforms like Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp ..etc. using Adwords can let you run PPC ads on search engine results and YouTube!

So with BlueHost, You’re not only getting a decent web hosting service but also you get the great potential to advertise your website and receive free traffic.

Get BlueHost Cheaper

If you’ve already bought web hosting from BlueHost, then you can skip this step and scroll down to the BlueHost SiteLock Review and whether it could help your website.

If you’ve not yet purchased web hosting, then let’s do it with a 57% exclusive discount (for a limited time). To grab your discount, You will need to use our promo link. This is an exclusive discount for our blog readers.


After visiting our promo link, Click on “Get Started Now” to get your hosting account. BlueHost offers three different plans. The basic plan is what I recommend in the beginning.

What Does Marketing Offers Mean?

Marketing offers mean giving clients free advertising credit on popular networks. If you’re just getting started with a new website, you definitely need to run some advertisements and get noticed.

Running advertisements and marketing campaigns will cost you money. Companies may give you marketing offers to let you run your very first campaigns and get your hands dirty without large initial investments.

BlueHost is a web hosting company. They’re providing reputable web services to set up and launch your website. Along with their offerings, they’re giving new clients $200 advertising credit for free as a marketing offer.

The credit will let you get started without breaking your wallet at the beginning. I would advise using the credit to test-drive Google search ads and Youtube ads for stunning results.

BlueHost Marketing Credits

BlueHost doesn’t have to do such valuable offerings to get clients. They’ve been well-known for years providing a great web hosting service. Instead, They’re doing so to ensure that their clients are getting a great value for the money paid.

Many other companies may do such marketing credits to distract you from the main package features. Honestly, BlueHost is not one of these companies. And it’s all based on my experience as a paid customer.

Now, You should have got a basic idea about what we mean by BlueHost marketing credits. Let me proceed with explaining the exact marketing offers you will get upon signing up with BlueHost.

Over $200 Marketing Offers

BlueHost Marketing Offers

Yes, You will be offered over $200 BlueHost marketing credits upon signing up. I’ve compiled all the credits you’re receiving below to get an overall idea about what you’ll get. Here we go:

  • $100 in Google Adwords credits
  • $25 in Yahoo Search credits
  • $25 Bing Search credits
  • Free search engine submission

That being said, All these BlueHost marketing credits should be great as a starting point for you. This way you can create paid advertising and earn your first clients without additional overheads.

Please be noted that these marketing offers are only available for the Plus and Prime packages only. Honestly, The Plus package is what I do recommend as it allows hosting unlimited domains, unlike the basic plan.

The basic plans allow you to host only one domain name. On the other side, the Plus plan gives you the ability to host multiple domain names to the same hosting account. With the Plus plan, you will not have to purchase a new hosting account for a new domain you’ve just got.

Furthermore, Let’s have a closer look at these promotions and see how they can benefit your website. I’m discussing each credit below in detail.

Free $100 BlueHost AdWords Credit

Google Adwords is a great advertising channel. You can use it to make ads and bring traffic to your website using various places. One of these places is the Google search engine results page.

And I’m sure it happened to you before: Searching for a term and finding top results are occupied by sponsored ads. This is one of the ways how your website advertisement could look like.

Google Paid Search - BlueHost Marketing Credits

The way Google AdWords work is by Pay Per Click (PPC) method. So you’re only paying a certain value when someone clicks on your ad. You may also pay per 1,000 impressions if you prefer to.

Overall, Google AdWords is very popular. And it certainly is a great way to advertise your website. You could also use it to advertise on YouTube videos which are promising nowadays in terms of bringing traffic & paying less.

Ps. Once you’ve spent $25 on Google AdWords, you’ll automatically receive an additional Free $100 BlueHost Adwords credit. You must claim the credit within 15 days after your BlueHost account is activated.

Free $25 Yahoo Marketing Credit

While not as effective as Google AdWords, Yahoo Search is another good channel to advertise your website on. People are still using Yahoo’s search to surf the web.

Yahoo has been around for so long time since the very early days or the internet. I remember these days! It has been around for a long while making it a leading search engine for internet users.

That being said, Advertising your website there should be a great way to bring more traffic to your website. Thus, it will certainly help to generate paid leads & potential customers.

Free $25 Bing Marketing Credit

Bing Search is another promising advertising channel. Yahoo and Bing combined are getting around 25% of the overall search engine traffic. Bing is getting a fair amount of traffic each day.

Lately, Bing staff started to realize the power of a search engine. They invested heavily in changing how they used to work. They walked the extra mile and developed a Bing Webmaster Tools to help webmasters index their sites properly.

Overall, You will get BlueHost marketing credits that could be used on Bing for free. This way you can see how effective it is in terms of growing your website traffic.

BlueHost Package Extras

You’re still eligible to receive additional BlueHost marketing credits. You will get credits for Yellow Pages, Ask and Miva. You will also get a free submission to multiple search engines that could be done with a click of a button.

So, you can use the BlueHost marketing credit a trial to evaluate the marketing channels. Or as an advertising boost for your new website. In both cases, These promotions are great to build a sustainable business.

How to Claim BlueHost Marketing Offers?

You can easily access these BlueHost marketing credits in the BlueHost control panel. You will just need to login and you will find all the credits right there for you!

But first, You will need to sign up for BlueHost web hosting account. Luckily, Our promo link will give you an additional 57% off the regular pricing. This way, you will get the web hosting account along with $200 marketing credits for pricing starts at $3.95/mo.

You can use my step-by-step guide on how to buy BlueHost web hosting with the ultimate savings. You can use the form below to look up your domain name availability:

Nothing to loose here, BlueHost is also offering a no-contract plan. This means that you can cancel anytime within 30 days and get a full refund. After that, You can also cancel anytime and get a pro-rated refund.

Sign up for BlueHost Today (+57% Discount)


What are Bluehost marketing offers? Now, You’ve just got an overall idea. These promotions will indeed help you along the way to build a strong marketing plan for your website.

For me, I find all these promotions great and useful. Yet, I won’t decide on choosing BlueHost just for these credits. You should consider checking out the other features they’re offering.

BlueHost web hosting service is one of the tops recommended services worldwide. Many bloggers and entrepreneurs are relying on it for their web presence. All these trusting voices make BlueHost a leading web hosting provider.

That was it all about the free BlueHost marketing credits. Let us know your thoughts or inquiries in the comments section below. Have you grabbed your marketing offer yet?

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