BlueHost Dedicated IP Price: How Much To Purchase?

Have you been considering to purchase a dedicated IP for your BlueHost hosting account? In this article, I’m showing you what is the BlueHost dedicated IP price. You will only need to follow these steps to allocate a new dedicated IP to your account.

The Bluehost ‘s Dedicated IP add-on refers to the only Internet address you can allocate to your Bluehost hosting account for all the hosted websites. Your domain is the only one in the world that utilizes the particular IP address when buying a Bluehost dedicated IP price.

Before purchasing your BlueHost dedicated IP price, you should already have a BlueHost account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can refer to our step-by-step guide on how to purchase web hosting from Bluehost?

Bluehost doesn’t offer discounts or offers to purchase your IP add-on, you can only get a discount when you purchase a fresh Bluehost package. As a consequence of changing IP address, the site can appear to not be active for approximately 6-24 hours. It is the regularly spaced period required to upgrade the DNS worldwide.

Which is the Dedicated IP?

IP is the Internet Protocol which is characterized as a unique address for each device connecting to the network. IP means Internet Protocol. The Internet Protocol address serves as a specific identifier used to establish a legitimate computer or website location within a given network. The Internet Protocol Address

Why Dedicated IP is Important?

There’s often a growing contentious question in hosting a website on a shared server: is a dedicated IP address mandatory for your domain, and why if you can just use a shared IP address? There are several important benefits of having a dedicated IP address, but let’s continue with the concept first.

When you are running your own online store or other web platform connected to e-commerce and do not utilize any third party payment systems, a Dedicated IP address or SSL certificate must be obtained to guarantee authentication for your customers’ records. To achieve so, you will only utilize your own website domain.

Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP

It is very simple to create a distinction between dedicated and shared IP addresses. A shared IP address is a standard address on one server that is being used by many websites on the same server. The domain server will, in this situation, perform any additional research by evaluating the consumer data for the right location.

With the dedicated IP address, you get your own website IP address. So you can reach it either through your website’s IP address or the domain name directly. This basically means that only your website and domain name are the ones using this IP address on the whole internet. And you don’t have to worry about BlueHost email service.

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How To Buy BlueHost Dedicated IP?

BlueHost cPanel Home

Please notice that when your Dedicated IP is activated on your server, your website temporary URL will not be accessible or updated. This is natural, and you can access your website within 4-24 hours with your new dedicated Internet. The process takes some time for the complete DNS propagation.

  • Sign Up or Login to your BlueHost cPanel account.
  • On top of the page, click on the Addons link.
  • Pick Server Resources and Click Add To Cart.
  • Choose Payment Method and Make the Payment.

The default payment could be the already stored credit card information. To continue, insert the code for CVV2 if this is the card that you want to use.

If a Bluehost dedicated Server has been successfully ordered, your IP address in Bluehost will be modified and become your primary IP address. Kindly consider that it may take some time for your site to be working back again due to DNS propagation. Or you might see an error for some period because the IP address of your site is altered.

It could take 24 hours to efficiently spread your Bluehost server and the DNS.

BlueHost Dedicated IP Price

For equal renewal rates, the Dedicated IP Address of Bluehost costs just $5.99 / month. This optional Bluehost extra add-on feature may be added or disabled at any time (if necessary). Please find the pricing in details below:

  • Initial Price: $5.99 /month
  • Recurring Price: $5.99 /month (Same Amount)

Ok, the amount of Dedicated IP addresses that Bluehost offers depends largely on the package that you select. In Bluehost’s Shared Hosting System, a dedicated and free IP only is accessible for the Bluehost Pro plan.

This basically means that Bluehost basic and plus hosting plans have no specific IP addresses in the pool to be assigned. Also, WordPress hosting plans would not be supported with dedicated IPs. You can also consider getting a dedicated server for high traffic websites.

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Wrapping Up

While the BlueHost shared hosting plans (except the pro plan) don’t offer dedicated IPs, you still can get dedicated IPs with BlueHost VPS and Dedicated Servers. The WordPress hosting plans as well don’t offer the dedicated IP capability.

You can order the BlueHost VPS hosting or to go directly with their powerful Dedicated hosting packages. Both services are configured to have dedicated IPv4 assigned to them. And you can even purchase extra IP per each server box you have (up to 5x in total).

I hope that our overview on what is the BlueHost dedicated IP price was helpful. Please let us know for any thoughts you might have in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share this article on social media.

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