BlueHost Cost After First Year: Should I Use BlueHost?

When you’re starting online, You need a domain name. Now, BlueHost is offering a free domain name along with their web hosting plans. In this article, we’re reviewing the BlueHost cost after the first year or after your first billing term with the promotional discount.

Here is my complete review answering your question; Should I Use BlueHost. Furthermore, I’m unveiling the mysteries around the BlueHost cost after first year. You may be wondering how much BlueHost will cost you after your very first year.

BlueHost is offering a massive discount (Up to 57%) of the first term. Then, you renew the web hosting plans on the regular rates. Many visitors are reaching out to me saying they’ve got a domain name from NameCheap or GoDaddy. And they don’t know what to do after purchasing a domain name.

And they just missed getting BlueHost free domain forever. So if you’re just starting up; why paying an extra fee for the domain name, While you can get it for free along with your BlueHost web hosting package?

In this article, I will reveal a couple of mysteries around the BlueHost fees; domain registration cost, domain renewal cost and the cost after the first year. I will also show you how to buy web hosting from BlueHost with 51% off.

BlueHost Free Domain Trick

Most people are thinking like; I will purchase the domain name separately now, and will do the hosting later. This strategy is a total loss and will, unfortunately, cost you more money. Since BlueHost is already offering a free domain name included, why not getting both together and claim your offer right away?

And some others are thinking like; I’ve got my domain name, I want to have a website now. But you still need to get a web hosting plan to build your website on. A domain name doesn’t work solely though! Yes, you’ll need to get a web hosting account and sync it with your domain name.

So It’s a BlueHost free domain trick? No, It’s not a trick. BlueHost is offering a free domain name as a bonus with their hosting plans. So BlueHost domain fee is Zero for the first year or the very first billing term.

Let’s say that you chose to opt-in with BlueHost for three years of billing term. Then, your domain will become free for the first term included. And this offer is quite usual in the web hosting industry. People love bonus freebies like; domain names and other freebies.

Chek BlueHost Bonus Freebies

BlueHost Domain Registration Cost

BlueHost Domain Registration Cost

Usually, when you purchase a domain name separately, It will cost you anywhere between $10 up to $15 a year. This is the fee for the top-level domain names like; .com, .net, .org, ..etc. But what about BlueHost domain registration cost?

And a domain name alone is not enough to build your website. Yet, You still need to get a web hosting account. So you will end up paying two separate fees; domain name fee + web hosting fee. That’s why I usually recommend claiming your free domain name with BlueHost hosting.

What if I tell you that you can get a FREE domain name included with your hosting plan? That is real with our BlueHost exclusive promo. Should I use BlueHost? Yes, The hosting package already includes a free domain name registration for you.

Overall, The BlueHost domain registration cost is completely FREE along with your hosting plan.

BlueHost Domain Renewal Cost

A domain name is billed annually. It’s not a service for a one-time fee. A recurring fee is involved in getting a domain name on the internet as per ICANN. So what does the BlueHost domain renewal cost?

Yes, BlueHost is offering a free domain name but it’s a bonus for the first billing cycle only. Then, BlueHost domain renewal cost will be $11.99 per year. This is the domain recurring renewal cost every year.

For me, It’s quite reasonable. Within the same price range, I can get my domain renewed with other domain providers. So the BlueHost domain renewal cost is very good and affordable in comparison to the industry’s standard prices.

BlueHost free domain forever concept doesn’t even exist. You won’t get a free domain forever with any other provider even if they’re offering a first-year free domain name. Now, Let’s review the BlueHost cost after the first year.

Claim Your BlueHost Discount

BlueHost Cost After First Year:

bluehost cost after first year

I’ve heard a lot of rumors on the internet about the BlueHost cost after the first year. I’ve mentioned it clearly above as for the BlueHost domain renewal cost. But yet, You may be wondering about the hosting cost after the first year.

Here, I will give you the exact amount you’ll pay for each hosting plan after the first year. Please be noted that the $3.95/mo promo is an offer for the first year or the first billing term. The more years you chose in the beginning, the more time you’ll get your discount rates active.

BlueHost offers three different web hosting plans as follows:

I would recommend that you either go for the Basic plan ($3.95/mo) or the Plus plan ($5.95/mo). Both plans are pretty awesome with tons of features to work on for your website. The only difference is how many domain names you’re intending to host on the same plan.

If you’re up to host one domain, the Basic plan would be a perfect fit. But if you’re planning into launching multiple websites, then the Plus plan will give the ultimate savings and you will not need to buy a separate web hosting account for each new domain name you’ve got.

In the tables below, I’m giving you the exact amounts you will pay for the first year and the BlueHost cost after the first year. I’ve made two tables below; one for the Basic Plan and the other for the Plus plan. Check carefully and be aware of the billing terms and future renewal amounts.

BlueHost Basic Plan: Cost after First Year

Here, You will find the regular pricing, pricing for the first year, and the BlueHost cost after first year. This table tells you what the BlueHost hosting renewal price will look like for the basic plan.

The Basic shared hosting scheme applies to projects smaller than one website that does not need to host more than 50 GB (which is a big deal) for storage. The creation of five email accounts will be permitted and your site will have free SSL-ed.

This table clearly answers Should I Use BlueHost?

After First Year
+ Domain Renewal
BlueHost First Term
+ Free Domain
12 Month $7.95/mo $107.40/yr $5.45/mo ($59.40)
24 Month $6.95/mo $178.80/yr $4.95/mo ($94.80)
36 Month $5.95/mo $226.20/yr $3.95/mo ($142.20)


BlueHost Plus Plan: Cost after First Year

Here, You will find the regular pricing, pricing for the first year, and the Bluehost cost after the first year. This table tells you what the renewal price will look like for Plus plan.

After First Year
+ Domain Renewal
BlueHost First Term
+ Free Domain
12 Month $10.95/mo $131.40/yr $7.95/mo ($95.40)
24 Month $9.95/mo $238.80/yr $6.95/mo ($166.80)
36 Month $8.95/mo $322.20/yr $5.95/mo ($214.20)


A good investment here will be to sign-up for as many years as possible upfront (example; 3 years). This will give you better discounted rates. Furthermore, You will get a free domain name included for that number of years you’ll sign up for.

If you need more than 1 website hosting and you require lots of web space, consider the Plus package with unlimited websites and stockpiling. The Choice Plus plan provides an advanced (but costly) backup system to keep your projects safe. Being 100 % honest, Bluehost has this important characteristic only on a costly plan. This is part of all your plans for many competitors.

Should I Use BlueHost?

Should I Use BlueHost

Now you’ve become aware of how does the BlueHost pricing looks like. Your concern should have been answered; Should I use BlueHost. It’s time to proceed with signing up for BlueHost web hosting service along with free domain registration.

As for How much is BlueHost per month, It all starts at $3.95 per month (with promo). And pricing is going up to $7.95 per month after the first billing cycle. Your best bet would be to subscribe for two or three years ahead. This will save you more time with lower rates starting at $1.95 per month.

For me, I would say the prices are quite reasonable and affordable. Please take in mind that you’re purchasing a web hosting from a leading web hosting provider. BlueHost has been around for over 15 years providing quality services for their clients.

Furthermore, BlueHost is the first web hosting company being recommended by staff. And you can verify that yourself by visiting the official WordPress website here.

Furthermore, Let me give you more reasons on why to choose BlueHost over any other web hosting provider. I’ve been using BlueHost for years now. The following points are concluded out of my own personal experience with them. Let’s see:

  • Affordable Prices starting at $3.49/mo.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.
  • WordPress Optimized.
  • Powerful Easy-To-Use Control Panel.
  • Free Domain Name Registration.
  • Free SSL Certificate (worth $69/year).
  • Free Automated Backups.
  • Includes Free CloudFlare CDN (boosts site speed).
  • Free WordPress Installation.
  • Free Premium Theme.

Should I Use BlueHost? Yes. With all these positives and incentives, I believe that BlueHost is always eating up the competition. If you’re just getting started, I would recommend grabbing a decent web hosting service from BlueHost.

Chek BlueHost Sale Pricing
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BlueHost Upgrade Plan

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your Hosting plan, switch to Manual Renewal in your client portal. Then, click the Upgrade button. Available upgrades, downgrades, and renewal options will be listed.

In order to upgrade your BlueHost web hosting plan, you will be subjected to the BlueHost regular rates. The discounted pricing is only available for the first BlueHost billing term; 12mo, 24mo, 36mo, and 60mo.

BlueHost WordPress Pricing

The short answer; WordPress is free to use on BlueHost. Yes, you’ve heard it right! WordPress is an open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL.

BlueHost is a web hosting provider. And the best thing is that BlueHost is offering an optimized WordPress hosting. This means that your hosting account fully supports WordPress for your site.

WordPress will be automatically installed on your website after placing your order. You can start using and customizing your website right away after your purchase.

BlueHost Coupon Code Discount

Since you’re up to purchase web hosting from BlueHost, It would be nice to save more money. BlueHost is offering our readers an exclusive 51% off discount (our promo link).

Feel free to use the button below to go over and make your purchase. BlueHost coupon code discount is already added to the link. I would suggest following my guide here on how to buy BlueHost web hosting (step-by-step).

I’m expecting you to follow this guide step by step. Not only will it help you along the ordering process, but it also will show you exactly how to save more money.

Follow the steps in that guide and make sure to disable the mentioned add-ons that you don’t actually need.

Okay, Show Me How to Buy Web Hosting
(step-by-step guide with an exclusive discount)

BlueHost Domain Search Availability

Furthermore, You can start from here right away. Should I Use BlueHost? Why not look up your domain name and see whether it’s available? The BlueHost domain name lookup below should be very nice to get you started smoothly.

Bluehost does not bill new accounts annually for its hosting services. However, if you have already registered for Bluehost and are prepared to renew your plan with Bluehost you can pay monthly. The minimum term for hosting Bluehost is one year for new accounts.

Bluehost is a highly recommended service provider by WordPress staff. Bluehost is a good hosting company for beginners and advanced users, thanks to the 1-click WordPress installer, 24/7 support, and 99.99% uptime guarantee. In comparison to other providers, BlueHost is one of the cheapest service providers for hosting.

Bluehost is technically approved and recommended by WordPress staff. Additional charges could be applied for any extra premium WordPress themes or plugin you would like to use on your website. Yet, you don’t have to pay for a premium WordPress theme since there are over 6000+ free WordPress themes.

Bluehost Renewal Expensive

I understand that BlueHost hosting renewal price might be a bit expensive. You may be just getting started. Not necessarily you have the funds read in your bank account to cover BlueHost cost after first year.

BlueHost is my top recommendation if you’re seeking a decent web hosting provider. Still, We’ve got BlueHost alternatives which will surely work for us in this case.

As a decent BlueHost Alternative, I would recommend going with HostGator. What’s so awesome about this company is that you can pay them month by month. You’re not locked in an annual contract at all. And Basically, You can cancel at any time.

HostGator is also offering a $0.01 first-month trial coupon code. This offer will give you full access on a web hosting account for a whole month. It’s a great chance to test-drive everything before you pay them.

Overall, If you’ve not got the funds to secure BlueHost cost after first year or seeking a to test-drive first, HostGator $0.01 trial offer is the best for you. It has got everything you need to launch your website from the ground up.

Furthermore, the following resources will be very helpful for you:

BlueHost Package Extras

BlueHost is also offering different add-ons to your order. These add-ons are not essential but – somehow – will help you maintain a secure website. These are extras that will help with your website security, backups, and Search engine optimization. These extras are:

  • SiteLock Security
  • CodeGuard
  • SEO Tools

Honestly, I don’t recommend opting in for these extras. SiteLock is a security scanner software. CodeGuard is a backup solution. You can easily achieve the same purposes using different WordPress plugins for free!

BlueHost offers a 30-days money-back guarantee that enables you to reimburse your account at any time. Given the terms of the 30-day reimbursement, You’re eligible to receive a full refund if you cancel within 30 days.

Kindly be noted that domain names are not refundable. If you decided to cancel your hosting account, your domain name will still be active and you still can use it with any other web hosting providers by changing DNS nameservers.


In this article, I made my best to unveil the mysteries around the BlueHost renewal pricing. I should have also answered your question; Should I Use BlueHost. It’s up to you now to decide whether to proceed for signing up with BlueHost. This review was based on hands-on experiences. But you still need to do your due diligence.

BlueHost is offering a very nice value! Yet, the renewal pricing will jump higher in the next terms. So my advice is to sign up for as many years ahead. This will give you a prolonged discount for the whole first term.

Please do let me know your thoughts about it all in the comments below. I will – personally – answer you if you’ve got any questions or concerns. Also, Don’t forget to share this awesome article with everyone on social media. I

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