How Much Is The BlueHost Bandwidth Limit?

BlueHost is indeed a widely known web hosting provider. They’re proudly hosting over 2 million domain names and counting. Today, I’m reviewing how much bandwidth does BlueHost provide.

The company is offering three main shared hosting plans. And each package comes with different features and various limitations. It’s all based on the monthly cost you’re be billed at.

BlueHost is offering Unmetered disk space and Unmetered bandwidth with all their packages. The question; is it really unlimited? How my bandwidth usage is being calculated and how much quota do I get?

Quick NB: If you’re expecting up to a few thousand visits per day, BlueHost shared hosting should be a perfect choice. This will give you a room for around 100k up to 300k monthly visits. And this is not bad at all.

Bluehost Bandwidth Limit:

BlueHost actually is offering a wide range of services; Shared, VPS, and dedicated server plans. The most basic setup for your small website will be the Shared Hosting. VPS and Dedicated servers are intended to serve high traffic websites and applications.

As for shared hosting, BlueHost is offering unmetered bandwidth. While it sounds like you’ll get unlimited usage, your website might indeed be suspended for exceeding the assigned bandwidth quota.

It’s a bit strange here. And I surely agree with you. This is the fact; There are no particular bandwidth limits. Still, your website might get alerted for affecting other websites on the same server by using high bandwidth.

How Bandwidth is being Calculated?

Bandwidth means traffic. And to make it more easy to understand, Traffic is the number of visitors you receive on your website per day. Depends on that number, your bandwidth usage is being calculated.

If you’re expecting up to a few thousand visits per day, BlueHost shared hosting should be a perfect choice. This will give you a room for around 100k up to 300k monthly visits. And this is not bad at all.

But if you’re up to receiving dozens of thousands of visitors per day, shared hosting is not the right choice here. You may need to consider using a VPS or moving to another decent web hosting provider with higher bandwidth limits.

Here’s the explanation¬†on BlueHost’s own wording:

What Happens on Exceeding BlueHost Bandwidth Limit?

On exceeding the assigned bandwidth limit, your website will start affecting the server resources. And from here, your account will definitely affect other websites on the same SHARED server.

BlueHost will send you a personalized email explaining the situation to you. And giving you multiple options; whether to upgrade your account or to decrease the bandwidth usage and solve the problem.

Should I Use BlueHost? (Honestly)

For me, I’ve been using BlueHost for a couple of websites. And I’ve been extremely happy with the service quality and uptime. Furthermore, I’ve used for other client’s websites and it performs awesomely so far.

Like I’ve mentioned; If you’re intending to host a small or a medium-sized website, You should be very fine choosing BlueHost. If you’re receiving over 300,000 visits per month, then BlueHost shared hosting is not the perfect fit here.

I highly recommend BlueHost for their service quality, support, and uptime. And It will awesomely serve your website. Honestly, you shouldn’t worry about the bandwidth limits at all since the numbers are really big.

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Any BlueHost Alternatives?

Indeed Yes, There are a few other providers that I’m using myself. And I totally recommend them as reputable BlueHost alternatives. Here you go; GreenGeeks, FastComet, & InMotion Hosting.

Their alternative providers are offering pure SSD storage along with more bandwidth resources. Thus, they’re offering a better server uptime and a perfect speed performance.

If you’re scaling up your website hosting, WPX Hosting is another great alternative provider. They’re offering specialized WordPress hosting with dedicated server resources and friendly support.


That was it all about how BlueHost bandwidth is being calculated. And whether you should use BlueHost or use another alternative web hosting provider.

Please let me know in the comments section below shall you require any further assistance. I’m willing to assist you further on how much bandwidth does BlueHost provide.

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