Blogging in Egypt: Could It Be A Career Option?

The first time I heard about blogs in my life was around 10 years ago. It was when I read about those who have been accused due to blogging their political thoughts in Egypt. I believe these incidents were around 2004 – 2005. At this time, Blogging In Egypt for me was some sort of related to political issues and Socialism.

Years after, I have been exposed to online inspiring influencers who managed to correct this thought in my mind. They made me believe that blogging is everything online. Blogging made finding information about anything possible with a click of a button.

Bloggers and their online blogs are the real value on the internet. Even corporations and online marketers defined the real importance of blogging since its initial appearance. Online bloggers are writing about their own experiences and personal thoughts with life, specific products, experiments, or any other stuff they may care about.

­­­When you search for information about anything: Most of the results will come up out of the ranked blog posts. These are the posts that Google sees as useful for you in regards to your search query.

Blogging in Egypt as a career has been evolved recently. The successful blogger nowadays can quit his corporate job and dedicate his time to online blogging. This concept has been going virally on the internet over the last few years. The disappointing part is that most of the Egyptian bloggers don’t know how powerful blogging is and how could it be a serious career option!

The internet entrepreneurship in Egypt is kind of evolving rapidly over the last couple of years, however; it’s not the time yet for people to find out about blogging in Egypt as a career. When I’m saying blogging in Egypt as a career, I mean turning your personal blog into a full-time paying job.


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Blogging in Egypt:

Despite the fact that there is a significant number of Egyptian bloggers online, they blog only to express themselves. Most of them don’t have any idea how this powerful tool can change the world if it has been taken as a career option.

I know the facts are disappointing, but creating a huge potential for those who may think to start their blogging career in Egypt. There are many reasons for you to seriously think about starting your online career and blogging in Egypt.

Why it’s time to start blogging in Egypt as a career?
The competition is seriously low with a significant need for enriched content.
Thus, Your chance to succeed is significantly high with a well-crafted marketing and promoting strategy.

In Egypt, we’re having a huge unemployment issue. Most of the newly graduated freshmen are having no jobs but waiting on the list. Since there are no available jobs, other significant problems arise.

So, are you an Egyptian freshman with no job? Remember the big gate “INTERNET” is right there waiting for you to start-up your own online career. With hard work and time, you will get it evolved into a real business which by time will be creating real jobs for others.

If you’re reading this post now then you’re:
One of those who are having a real potential to change the world out of their home office.

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Working From Home:

working-from-home-blogging in egypt

I remember that day when I earned my first $50 online
Despite being proud of me, my parents were actually shocked!
How could this young 12 years old boy make money from home via the internet?

At this point, I realized how it works and decided to dedicate more time to explore better opportunities for better earnings. In the Egyptian society, it’s not that much socially accepted to say that you’re working from home.

Although there are a significant number of Egyptian bloggers online, they’re not taking it seriously and turned it into a career yet. I can say the majority of them are blogging for fun. There’s a great opportunity for those bloggers to turn their blogging interest into a full-time career and get paid!

I’m not yet a full-time digital nomad as I still have my day job on, however; I’m seriously considering quitting within the upcoming few months. Before taking the decision, I had discussions with wife, parents, and a couple of friends about the quitting itself.

Although my wife was very supportive, parents and friends were like shocked!
How could you make living online? You have a family and accordingly expenses you won’t afford!
It’s better to keep a day job with a fixed guaranteed salary and get your online hustling career as a side job.

They couldn’t believe at all what is this online thing I can do from home to spend on my family.

I’ve been told: “you have been graduated from the school of medicine to quit your medical career and work from home“!

I think it’s much better to focus on what I seriously love to do and what I really want to be.
Frankly, I want to be a full-time DIGITAL NOMAD.

There’s another big conflict in the Egyptian society. People consider certain jobs like Physician, or Engineer as the superior opportunities and anything else is just a failing minor! Since I’m a physician now, it’s hard to be believed that quitting is even a choice!

Although I have enough time to work on my online ventures and I don’t seriously need to quit my job to manage things online, I believe that the risk should be taken to unleash the full power of the online hustling.

If you’re an Egyptian freelancer or blogger, make sure to do your homework on changing people’s mind about working from home. This is our message as online digital nomads and we should shout it loud all around to get the message heard.

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Starting Up Your Online Blog:

start-your-blog-blogging in egypt

Your real opportunity is sitting there waiting for you.
Do you have a passion about something? Why not turn it into a full-time career job.
You can do it easily by starting up your own online blog and turn your passion into a career!

You may thing that I’m old fashion and giving you outdated silly advises which will not work. I’m so serious though! Blogging in Egypt is considered to be a huge opportunity. It will strongly push you into the online hustling career.

We started Growcheap blog out of a serious passion for online businesses, technology, making money online, and blogging. We thought once that sharing information we learned about creating successful online businesses is a great idea. It seriously was!

Despite being an interesting channel were we used to share thoughts and ideas, Growcheap is that little seed we plant for an unexpected range of income within the upcoming few years.

Starting a blog is like planting a seed.
The more efforts you give, the more benefits and income it will pay you later on.

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Steps To Get Started:

get-started-blogging in egypt

You can start a blog via the following easy steps:

# Choose a blogging niche and define the target audience.
# Get a web hosting account and a domain name.
# Install your blogging platform (WordPress).

Let me assure you that having an online blog doesn’t mean that you will need to play with codes and be a geek to get things ready. It has been seriously simplified that you can start your own blog and start blogging in less than 3 minutes.

With the above-mentioned steps, you can start your online blog right away. Turn your passion into a career and believe me you will not regret this step ever.

You may be a college student with no sourced income yet to spend on starting up your blog. Yu may want to avoid spending much money on starting a blog. Plus, You’re not yet sure how it will go.

I understand these concerns very well.
Thus, I’m guiding you below on the estimated cost to start your online blog today.
I collected the necessary purchases only to make it as cheap as possible for your convenience.

#1. Web Hosting Account and a Domain Name:

Although you may start your blog on a free hosted blogging platforms like BlogSpot, Medium, and I strongly recommend that you go with a self-hosted blog for better scaling up capabilities.

I recommend [eafl id=1656 name=”BlueHost” text=”BlueHost”] to be your preferred web hosting provider. It was the initial web hosting provider I used when I started my online hustling career since 9 years ago. They’re doing seriously great based on my personal experience. Thus, I’m always recommending them when I’m being asked about a reliable web hosting provider to start with.

It will cost you $3.45 per month ([eafl id=1656 name=”BlueHost” text=”with my exclusive discount here”]) to get their basic web hosting package. I see it as an optimal choice with tons of features (worth $150 USD). In addition, they give you a free included domain name which means two important things:

– You won’t need to look elsewhere to get your domain name registered.
– You won’t go over the hustle to sync both the web hosting account and domain name together.

[eafl id=1656 name=”BlueHost” text=”BlueHost”] does it all for you!
It gets your account initially activated and ready to install WordPress and publish your very first blog post.

What are you waiting for? Don’t wait until it’s too late, Start your passion right now!

#2. Install WordPress Blogging Platform:

Here is the second step to get started with your own online blog. WordPress is an open source (free) platform which will help you to create, edit, delete, schedule, and publish your blog posts without any coding experience required.

WordPress is popular software which has not only been made for simplifying personal blogging. It also helped many other to create complicated websites like NewYork Times, Huffington Post, and so many popular online magazines.

Approximately 25% of the established online websites have been created on WordPress. Furthermore, [eafl id=1656 name=”BlueHost” text=”BlueHost”] is giving you that feature called 1-Click Installer which will help you install WordPress platform on your website with a click of a button!

13 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress

#3. Choose your Blog Theme:

Choosing your blog theme could be tricky since there are dozens of WordPress free and premium themes made available nowadays. My suggestion will be going for a basic free WordPress theme at the beginning to eliminate the expenses as possible.

With a simple search over google search engine about free WordPress themes, you will find a lot of options available and can be installed with a click of a button. Go ahead and choose the most minimal free one. My concept in life is to spend money on tools when the thing rolling over and drive in some profits. You as well need to do the same in the beginning!

Showing Them Where The Money Is?

make-money-blogging in egypt

All of us have stories to tell about. Inspire your grandfather to blog about this time when he was in the army. Tell your girlfriend how blogging in Egypt is so suitable for her to write about her crafts and her hand-made jewelry.

Blogging is certainly for all of us. Everyone has a real difference, and everyone has a huge potential towards his interests. Choose your blogging niche, and start making money out of your own passion right away.

Yes, I’m saying that you can make money out of your blog. There are different programs and ways to monetize your blog and make a decent amount of money out of it. The number #1 recommended monetization way is affiliation programs.

What is seriously amazing about the affiliation programs is that once settled correctly it will drive in a lifetime recurring income. Affiliation means that you write about and promote other’s products and earn a significant commission of every sale you refer.

What’s interesting is that there are affiliation programs offers a recurring percentage commission on each payment the client you referred paying them.

For example,
You referred a client paying $10 per month.
You will earn not only a %50 first-time commission,
But you will get a %50 monthly commission as long as the client you referred keeps paying them every month!

Which means:
If this customer paid $10 every month for 12 months,
Your earnings will be as follows: 

%50 first-time commission = $5 USD.
%50 Recurring monthly commissions X 11 months = 5 x 11 = $55 USD.
TOTAL Earnings for a year with one referred client: $55 + $5 = $60 USD. 

If you referred 10 clients then it will be: $60 USD x 10 customers = $600 USD.
$600 USD Referral Commissions Every Year!

Fabulous, isn’t it?

Other Blogging Monetization Methods:

moentize-blog-blogging in egypt

Besides the affiliation programs, there are tons of other blog monetization methods like advertising, freelance writing, Google Adsense program, etc. My advice to you is making sure to be as honest as possible to your followers and readers.

Remember, No one will follow your blog if you’re scamming, or just trying to make money without a real deep intent to help your readers. Make sure to offer a real value within your blog and they will certainly trust you. Once this bond has been achieved, the sky is your limit when it comes to making money from your blog.

Furthermore, your chance as an Egyptian blogger is way better. Blogging in Egypt market is not yet saturated. Your contribution will easily rank and get noticed. Thus, your site traffic will hit the records with tons of page views and followers.

As have been clarified earlier, blogs are a huge source of ideas, thoughts, and experiences. There’re dozens of people looking for you and want to hear your stories and experiences in life. Take the initiative and get it started right away.

Corporations Take Blogging Seriously

corporations-blogging in egypt

Didn’t you hear recently about these corporations sponsoring personal blogs? Corporations and companies are seriously interested in finding examples of Egyptian bloggers like you. It’s better for them to reach out via your personal blogging channel instead of TV Commercials for example.

The reason is that you’re honest and doing your best to make a decent loyal audience base. If you decided to talk about a company’s brand, your followers will believe you and a percentage of them will certainly want to try the brand themselves.

For example, the TV commercials are randomly generalized with no loyal word of mouth or personal recommendation. Corporations are recently sponsoring many Egyptian bloggers recently to help advertise their products.

Corporations are taking blogging seriously over the last couple of years. They know how powerful it is and how Egyptian bloggers and digital nomads are playing an important role when it comes to branding and marketing opportunities.

Decisions, Decisions..

Blogging in Egypt: Could It Be A Career Option? #Blogging #Career #Egypt

It’s your turn to jump in and start up your blog as well. Blogging in Egypt is kind of a virgin market which has not been touched extensively before. Take the initiative and you won’t regret it ever.

You may think it’s quite expensive to get a web hosting account with a free domain name. Let me tell you that the cost of $3.45 equals the cost of a cup of coffee in Starbucks or a hangout with friends somewhere.

My advice for you:
Do not wait until it’s too late.
Forget about today’s Starbucks cup of coffee and save the money for this bigger opportunity.
If you’re seriously passionate about something, turn it into a full-time career option via online blogging.

Ready to start your blogging in Egypt career? It’s never too late! Starting up today is way better than tomorrow, than next week. All you need for a good start is a hosting account and a domain name. The journey has been simplified, In this guide I’m walking you through how to start your very own unique blog in less than 3 minutes.

After a few months when you start making money out of your blog, I will be here waiting for you to send me a THANK-YOU email. Opportunities are not always waiting for us; however, we need to pick them up once we see them.

I can’t tell you how it’s seriously amazing to love waking up every single morning to work on something you’re really passionate about. Let’s turn your life into an amazing experience. The next epic adventure could be yours, open up so you don’t miss it.

Consider early retiring and traveling the world while having a sustainable growing income running in the background. Craft your life the way you want. It’s easier than you may think to start your blogging in Egypt career. So now, Are you ready for the next step?


4 thoughts on “Blogging in Egypt: Could It Be A Career Option?”

  1. actually i have been thinking about making a blog but after reading your article i will start and take the step which i was always afraid to take but i wanna ask about something what language should i write in ???
    personally i want to write it in English but i do not know yet
    so please if you have any advise i will be open to listen to them

  2. Beautifully written article. Your blog is very motivating and information-loaded as well. Will be following both your English and Arabic writings. Keep the enthusiasm toward entrepreneurship. Thanks Karim.

    1. Ahmed,
      I’m glad you liked the article.
      It all depends on your language skills. Whichever familiar to you is my preference. English market is lucerative but competitive. The Arabic market less competitive but with a low earning potential. As a reference, You can check our alternate Arabi blog
      So it all depends on what you do and what you’re aiming at. All the best!

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