Best Free Blogging Communities For Online Bloggers

Launching a website is great. But it then becomes very important to get traffic to this new website. Getting traffic is not an easy task. We’re listing the best free blogging communities for online bloggers to promote their websites.

In order to get people to visit your website, you should offer them a value to visit. if your website is new, it becomes even harder to get free traffic from search engines. For that, Blogging communities become very useful.

The online blogging communities are the best sources for referral traffic. You can promote your blog posts on these networks and you will get interested visitors to your website.

In this article, we’re listing the top best free blogging communities to promote your website. And it’s very important to diversify your traffic sources instead of just depending on Google or client referrals.

What are Blogging Communities?

These are exactly like social networks, but for bloggers. Joining a blogging community will get you exposed to a number of blog posts in different niches from around the world.

Communities are also great for engaging and networking with other bloggers. Members of these networks are real people. That’s why these online networks are great for sharing ideas and discussing topics.

While there’s a huge number of blogging communities on the internet, we will only list the best of them. Follow along and let us know your favorite network in the comments below.

Why Joining Blogging Community?

Networking and meeting like-minded people is the number one reason. Besides networking, there are a bunch of reasons why blogging communities matter.

Here, we’re listing more reasons for you:

  • Sharing blog posts & getting traffic.
  • Getting backlinks to your website.
  • Ranking higher in search engines.
  • Following the new trends.
  • Meet new people.

So these are the major benefits of joining blogging communities. Now, let’s dig deeper and see what are the best free blogging communities available online today.

Best Free Blogging Communities

We’ve only chosen the blogging communities that are powerful and popular. As a quick note; some of these networks advertise free and paid subscriptions.

1. BlogEngage

A very good place to get people to visit your website and read your posts. It also features voting and thumbs up to rank the best articles ahead on the list and feeds.

BlogEngage is one of the best premium blogging communities with a huge number of members and it’s growing day-by-day. People can submit their new articles to get traffic and exposure to their websites.

BlogEngage is a premium network and for that, it has got zero spam score. Additionally, you get top-notch backlinks to your website which ranks you higher in search engine results.

2. BizSugar

BizSugar is another great Blogging network with a recognizable number of members. Sharing your recent articles to this community is enough to drive a massive amount of traffic back to your website.

BizSugar has been around for a long while. And it has been offering their services to bloggers around the world. It has also got a great archive of awesome articles and blog posts in different niches.

It is definitely worth checking out.

3. GrowthHackers

Compared to other blogging communities, GrowthHackers is a new player. The platform is great and user-friendly. It’s very easy to create an account and to share your blog posts.

This platform is ultimately spam-free. Unlike many other directories, posts must go for a manual approval process before being published on the website. This means that your post won’t be live on the site until being manually approved by admins and moderators.

4. DoSplash

A new platform and is growing very quickly. It supports interactions and posts voting as well. DoSplash is a great blog posts directory and a very friendly platform to use.

DoSplash is founded by Jane Sheeba. It’s also similar to BlogEngage. This community also lets you interact with bloggers, comment, Up-vote posts and drive traffic to your blog.

5. FuelMyBlog

FuelMyBlog is another top-quality directory. It’s dedicated to bloggers who love to share useful content with the world. In there, you will find very interesting blogs to read and follow from top bloggers.

The community is having very active staff members. They’re manually verifying and ensuring that each listing has is accurate, secure and of high-quality. They strive to make their community a spam-free on, unlike many others.

6. Blogarama

This is a historic one! Blogarama is considered to be the oldest and largest blog directory on the internet. It has got many websites and blogs indexed. And it’s all up to date.

Blogarama has got a domain authority (DA) of 73. It also has got over 100,000 registered users in its database. Furthermore, It’s important to mention that it was started over a decade ago.

7. IndiBlogger

Besides BlogAdda, This directory is another popular one in India. You can submit your blog for free on this website. It brings back local Indian traffic which is perfect.

Thousands of Indian Bloggers are using the IndiBlogger directory to submit their blog. Furthermore, you still can reach out and interact with other bloggers. It has got a surprising (DA) of 55.

Other Blogging Networks:

There are many more to be added to the list. We’ve only focused on the most powerful platforms which will indeed help you get more traffic to your website easily.

Here’s an additional list of blogging communities:

The best thing here is that these directories give you a DoFollow link from a high authority site. Google translates that as a strong vote for your website content. And accordingly, It enhances your organic positions.


There are many ways to promote your website. Yet, blogging communities are the easiest ways to promote and get visitors to your website. Not only does it help with driving traffic, but it also helps with networking and meeting like-minded people in the same niche as you’re.

Like we’ve said; these are our favorites and the most powerful blogging communities. Let us know your favorite and your experience in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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