20 Best Free Blog Submission Sites for SEO (Verified)

So you’re looking to get quality backlinks with high Domain Authority (DA)? This article is exactly for you. In here, I’m shortlisting the best 25+ blog submission sites.

I have manually verified these links. They’re all working and will give you a strong SEO boost. This are kind of sites that indexes blog sites in directories earning you free quality backlinks.

We’re all after getting more traffic. And the biggest source of traffic is indeed Google. The giant search engine loves backlinks. Furthermore, it adores those coming from domains with high authority (DA).

Blogging is okay and will definitely work. But without SEO work, No body is going to read your content. These blog submission sites will help boosting your rankings for faster results.

Let’s proceed with the top – manually verified – blog submission sites. Hopefully, this guide will help you to increase your blog exposure and get you noticed online.

What Are Blog Submission Sites?

Basically, Blog Submission sites are categorized directories for different blogs. These sites allow you to submit your blog and/or your cornerstone blog posts to their feed pages.

Every single time you’re submitting a link in there, you’re earning a Do-Follow backlink. And due to the fact that these websites are of high-authority, backlinks really matters and will significantly affect your SEO positions.

I may have encouraged you here. Yes, it’s all true! But it’s always wise NOT to use any blog directories. Many of these websites are not functioning, not active or even spammy. Links from such sites will negatively affect your SEO.

And that’s why I’ve compiled the following list for you. I’ve manually verified them to make sure they’re functioning, healthy and of high-quality. I can assure it’s completely safe to use the following blog submission sites.

Blog Directories: Pros & Cons

As of now, you should have got a clear idea about why blog directories still counts. Furthermore, Let’s go on the pros and cons of using such linking strategy to build authority.

Benefits & Pros:

– Increase Domain Authority & Trust Score: The more DA your blog has got, the better SEO positions you’ll get. Google trusts these metrics and they quickly became ranking factors. Let me tell you that these metrics are strongly affected by the backlinks profile.

– Get More Backlinks: Link building is a crucial ranking factor. You won’t be able to rank higher in Google without high quality backlinks. By submitting your sites to blog submission sites, you’re basically earning more backlinks.

– Generate Traffic & Gain Exposure: That’s true! Like yourself, many other bloggers are using such blog directories to find content. Most likely, they will find yours and end up visiting your website. If you’ve got quality content, you may potentially attract many people to visit your blog.

Disadvantages & Cons:

– Spammy Blog Directories: There are some blog submission sites that can negatively affect your SEO work. They’re low quality sites with many spamming link-outs. Using these sites may lead to getting your website penalized by Google.

For that, I wanted to assure that it’s completely safe to use the following directories. And now, let’s head over to the list of best blog submission sites. They’re all having (DA) above 40.

Top 10 Blog Submission Sites with High PR

Here, we’re going to dive into details and see how to earn backlinks effortlessly. While most of the following websites are completely free to submit blog, A very few of them may request a little charge for the submission.

1. Blog Flux:

This directory is a leading one. With over 150,000 indexed blogs, BlogFlux quickly became one of the most popular blog submission sites.

It’s having a reputable domain authority (DA) of 74. By submitting your blog, you’ll get a ranking boost as well as a decent exposure. It could be a very active source of traffic for you.

2. Blogarama:

This is a historic one! Blogarama is considered to be the oldest and largest blog directory on the internet. It has got many websites and blogs indexed. And it’s all up to date.

Blogarama has got a domain authority (DA) of 73. It also has got over 100,000 registered users in their database. Furthermore, It’s important to mention that it was started over a decade ago.

3. Blog Adda:

It’s a new business in the market. But still, It has got a nice (DA) of 67. BlogAdda is being widely used among indian bloggers in different niches.

It has an interesting feeds page where editors pick the best blog posts everyday. This strategy guarantees getting your website more exposure. Overall, it’s a great network for bloggers to connect and interact.

4. Blog Hub:

Since 2004, BlogHub has been a huge online directory for bloggers. You can submit your blog for indexing completely free of charge.

Furthermore, you still can create a hosted-blog on their platform. It’s another cool place to find other like-minded people and interact with other bloggers.

5. Blogs Collection:

With over a decade of experience, BlogsCollection is coming at the 5th position here. It’s widely known and being used by most bloggers online. Using it is very safe and will definitely give your website a ranking boost.

BlogsCollection indexes news articles and blog posts from all over the world. It has got an outstanding domain authority (DA) of 59. Their featured listing comes at an additional little fee.

6. Blog Listing:

This particular blog submission directory is growing very fast. You can submit your blog/website for free. And this guarantees you get exposure along with a quality backlink.

Their website has got a high Page Rank (PR) along with a high Domain Authority (DA). Althought it’s not an old one, the directory became widely popular among bloggers in different niches.

7. IndiBlogger:

Besides BlogAdda, This directory is another popular one in India. You can submit your blog for free on this website. It brings back local Indian traffic which is perfect.

Thousands of Indian Bloggers are using IndiBlogger directory to submit their blog. Furthermore, you still can reach out and interact to other bloggers. It has got a surprising (DA) of 55.

8. BlogVille:

That’s another rapidly growing blog directory with many listings in different categories. You can easily submit your blog to this directory. This will earn you a high-quality backlink once listing has been approved.

The staff in there are manually reviewing and approving each single listing in there. This process helps them to keep a spam-free directory with verified listings.

9. FuelMyBlog:

FuelMyBlog is another top-quality directory. It’s dedicated to bloggers who love to share useful content with the world. In there, you will find very interesting blogs to read and follow from top bloggers.

The community is having very active staff members. They’re manually verifying and ensuring that each listing has is accurate, secure and of high-quality. They strive to make their community a spam-free on unlike many others.

10. BoingBoing:

With a domain authority of 90+, BoingBoing has quickly became a very popular blog submission site. You can’t think but to submit your website to this directory. That could be a strong boost to your SEO rankings.

Besides, they maintain multiple feed pages where you can get a quick glance of the best content shared. This helps you to network and interact with other bloggers on the same niche.

Bonus List: Free Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog

In addition to the above list, I’m compiling an additional bonus list below for high PR directories below. Working with these website on a consistent base could potentially enhance your SEO rankings like never before.

Let’s check the bonus list below:

The best thing here is that these directories give you a DoFollow link from a high authority site. Google translates that as a strong vote for your website content. And accordingly, It enhance your organic positions.

Final Verdict:

Like I’ve mentioned, Blog submission sites can help boosting your organic reach on search engines. You’re basically getting a free backlink from a domain with a high domain authority (DA).

High domain authority means a very good voting signal. Multiple signals together allows you to get better rankings on Googl and search engines. But you still need to do SEO the right way.

Furthermore, you may gain a new scope of audience with a great exposure. Some of these sites are featuring a feed page where you can see the best content from everywhere. What if you’ve got featured in there?

Those where the top 20+ best free blog submission sites with high (DA). Make sure to use these sites and build quality backlinks for your website. I’ll keep updating this page with new information.

And now, it’s your turn. Have you had any experiences with blog submission sites? Please let me know via the comments below shall you’ve got any questions or concerns.

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  3. i am also looking for blog submission. but i came to know that google does not give importance to directory submissions. How much time we shoud invest in it.

  4. Manoranjan Sahu

    Hi Karim, Thanks for sharing the list. Yes sites sites are also useful as you can earn a backlink and some traffic to your site.

  5. Interesting. I had no idea these sites still existed. But if it doesn’t hurt your site and barely saps your energy submitting to such sites, why not, right? I did a blitz on submission sites a decade ago as a newbie blogger; these days it is genuine blog commenting and guest posting to spread the word.

    Thanks for sharing Karim.


    1. Ryan,
      Thanks for the contribution,
      I do agree with you! It takes time and efforts to submit to each. But a few links from here and there mixed with other quality backlinks would surely make a difference. And yup, It could be a grey hat SEO strategy exatly like web 2.0 backlinks and PBN. It’s always wise to use each with caution though!

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