23+ Best Domain Marketplaces To Sell Domain Names

Finding the best domain marketplaces to sell domain names could be challenging. It’s the same thing, It becomes a hard mission to find a good domain name too. And domain names are being purchased and flipped every day. In this article, I’m showing you the best places to sell domains for the domain flipping industry.

In order to start an online business, having a good domain name is the very first thing you need. That’s exactly how domain flipping markets have been introduced to the world.

The idea is simple and straight-forward. You brainstorm to find a good domain name. You then buy this premium domain at the regular rate. Then, you offer it for sale with a margin profit.

Overall, Domain Flipping is becoming very common. And there is a huge market for it nowadays. Furthermore, there are certain websites and domain aftermarket that have been designed specifically to match buyers and sellers.

In this detailed article, I’m sharing a big list of the best domain marketplaces to sell domain names. If you’ve got a domain name to sell or just want to have a look, You’re in the right place.

Best Domain Marketplaces

I would like to assure you that domain flipping is a huge market. You could potentially make good money out of it. Good domain names are being highly appreciated and considered by investors and potential customers.

Furthermore, Let me share with you this list from Wikipedia; List of most expensive domain names. For instance, Domain like (FB.com) has been sold to Facebook for $8.5 million dollars in November 2010.

Let’s see where to sell domain names and proceed with the best domain marketplaces. And see how to join and be a part of this growing industry! Some of these marketplaces allow you to sell a domain name for free!

1. Flippa

Flippa - best domain marketplaces to sell domain names

Flippa marketplace is considered to be the largest on the internet. And of the best domain marketplaces to sell domain names. It’s rapidly growing with a database of over 750K users. Furthermore, they’ve got over 30K successful domain sales.

This platform is not a forum or just a listing site. It’s a dedicated marketplace that has been specifically coded with all features in place. It has got a uniquely attractive way to show the listings with a smooth dealing flow.

With thousands of web assets being listed each day, the Flippa marketplace is becoming the most popular domain marketplace. The buyer’s experience is pretty safe and straight-forward.

Go To Flippa.com

2. Sedo

Sedo.com - best domain marketplaces to sell domain names

With a database of over 2 million users, Sedo is literally the best domain marketplaces to sell domain names. Sedo is a premium domain marketplace. Accordingly, it has gained wide trust among users worldwide.

You may call it the online search engine for domain offerings. It has everything you might need as a seller or a buyer. The buyer’s experience there guarantees to get the desirable domain name at beatable prices.

On how they make money, Sedo will keep 10% of each successful sale. It also allows Counteroffers, Buy Now, Auctions and Domain Parking pages. Overall, It’s an incredible domain buying and reselling platform. Sedo has been known as the premium domain marketplace.

Go To Sedo.com

3. NamePros

This is another one of the best domain marketplaces to sell domain names. It basically is a forum with over 1 million users. Thousands of users are getting very active on this platform each day.

NamePros Forum has been around since 2003 with a strong reputation among its users. You can also discuss anything related to domain names and web assets with other forum members. Furthermore, It has a section for news and updates on the domain flipping industry.

It’s a big resource that will strengthen your information if you’re a newbie getting started. And it’s completely free to join and list your domains for sale.

NamePros has got many categories and sub-categories to get you up-to-date. Furthermore, the buyer’s experience is pretty straight-forward with all the tools, policies and proceedings flow.

Go To NamePros.com

4. AfterNic

This is another large marketplace for buying and selling domain names. With over 70 million domain searches every month, AfterNic is steadily growing with a strong users database.

The platform is featuring fast domain transfer. And this is a strong bonus. It also allows Counter offers, Buy Now, Auctions and Domain Parking pages alongside 24/7 support to help along the way.

AfterNic is offering an incremental revenue system with the domain parking service. This means you still can make money from the parking page while the domain is still listed.

Their commission rate may reach 20% maximum on each sale. Yet, it still leaves you with a whopping 80% revenue from every sale you make on AfterNic. Overall, This is a great platform with a huge potential.

Go To AfterNic.com

 5. SnapNames

With over 30 million domain names listed, SnapNames is another reputable domain marketplace. It has a team of experts that will help buyers and domain flippers along the way.

The platform SnapNames has got everything you may need for a better user experience. You can create an offer, buy now, bid on auctions and more. You can also structure a back-order to be the first on upcoming listings!

SnapNames has only got the best domain names for your next venture. They guarantee a great user experience by only listing uncommon high-quality domain names for auctions.

Go To SnapNames.com

6. FreeMarket

If you’re a newbie getting started, this is FREE best domain marketplaces to sell domain names. You can buy and sell domain names on that platform. Furthermore, you will also find premium websites listed for sale too.

With your free account, you still can make an offer, buy now and bid on auctions without any restrictions. You can also list domain names and websites for sale without initial charges. This is the best place to sell domain name free.

FreeMarket charges a very low commission on each sale. Overall, it’s considered to be the most affordable one on this list. And it is not a forum! It’s a huge platform that has been specifically designed with all features in place.

This platform has been widely recognized as it’s a strong member of the Freelancer.com marketplace. Overall, FreeMarket is a safe and secure domain marketplace.

Go To FreeMarket.com

7. DomainState

Another great marketplace that is free to use. It has all the tools and domain analysis metrics you may need to shop secondhand domain names. It also has got great domain resources for novice users and new users.

DomainState has been categorized smartly by country, TLD or registrars. All these filtered information gives a clear vision of the domain name value.

Go To DomainState.com

8. DNForum

Being a forum open to the public has made it the right best place to sell domains for newbies. DNForum covers sales, discussions, appraisals, and registrar. The forum is a great resource with lots of useful information.

With over 100k members, DNForum is becoming a huge marketplace that opens its gates to domainers worldwide. It also has everything you may need to better shop domain names.

If you’re wondering how to start domain flipping, this forum should be of a huge benefit to you. Overall, it’s a great forum to better understand domain names world before conquering the table.

Go To DNForums.com

9. WebHostingTalk

This is a great community with a strong focus on the web hosting industry. It a great communication channel between customers, web hosting companies and their representatives.

WebHostingTalk is the largest web hosting community on the internet. Furthermore, It has a great sub-forum for domain flipping. If you’ve got a domain to sell or want to check cool listings, this awesome community is for you.

Go To WebHostingTalk.com

10. DigitalPoint

It’s another great forum that has been around for a long while now. It comes with a strong dedication to webmasters and online business owners. Recently, they’ve launched a marketplace for digital products.

DigitalPoint has got thousands of domain names and website listings for sale. You can easily go over the listings and choose a unique brandable domain name for your business.

The forum itself is another great resource with great information on domain registration, domain transfer, domain flipping, web hosting, and website design. It could potentially be a good starting point for beginners.

Go To DigitalPoint.com

11. Brand Bucket

This platform is having a cool unique way of buying and selling domain names. Brand Bucket is a place where domain name listings are branded with a cool logo.

If you would like to list there, you will need to get a domain name for sale and a nice logo for it. This is a very smart strategy since visuals have better conversions than text-based listings.

Furthermore, They’ve got an expert team that are handpicking high-quality domain names. The buyer’s experience is outstanding with all the tools and technologies in place.

And finally, here is what they claim on their website: “Names are submitted by owners worldwide, and we accept fewer than 10% for our collection”. Overall, they definitely worth a try.

Go To BrandBucket.com

12. Bido

Bido.com - Best Places to Sell Domains

With 10 years of successful history, Bido is considered to be one of the largest domain marketplaces. It has been designed to serve domain name auctions. And it successfully handed over 10K domain names in sales.

Bido is a great domain listings directory. It opens its gate to the public. If you’re a beginner, this is an ultimate opportunity for you. It has a strong helpful community and expert staff.

Go To Bido.com

13. NameCheap Marketplace

NameCheap has been founded in 2000 with a strong focus on domain registration services. They’ve been a strong ICANN certified registrar since then. They’re also offering affordable web hosting services.

With more than 5 million domain names, NameCheap is becoming a widely known domain registrar. Furthermore, they’ve launched a marketplace to connect domain flippers and potential buyers together.

NameCheap Auction marketplace has listed domains in many categories such as acronyms, advertising, auto, business, education, entertainment, etc.

Go To NameCheap Auctions

14. GoDaddy Auctions

Literally, GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar. It has over 60 million domain names registered and managed under its administration. And it has over 13 million registered users.

GoDaddy Auctions is a marketplace that connects domain sellers with buyers. The platform has everything you might need to close a successful domain deal. That makes it the great best place to sell domains.

With GoDaddy’s large client database, GoDaddy auctions are one of the largest domain marketplaces on the internet. It also offers a very competitive commission rate. Overall, Auctions are how to sell domain names on GoDaddy.

Go To GoDaddy Auctions

15. Undeveloped

While it has been recently introduced to the world, Undeveloped is indeed one of the best places t sell domains It has everything in place with a well-coded platform and organized features.

You can use Undeveloped to find great domain names listed for sale. You can also join the network and list your own domains. Overall, You will get a great shopping experience in this marketplace.

One cool feature here is that you can pay immediately for the domain name you choose. Payment could be done in full or with installments on a regular basis. They’ve also got an Escrow system which will keep your funds safe until you get the full access on the domain name.

Go To Undeveloped.com

Other Premium Domain Marketplace

The above-mentioned list has the most popular domain marketplaces. Yet, there are many more great places to sell domains. Let me share with you additional places which you will definitely want to consider.

These additional marketplaces have proved to be reliable. Thousands of potential buyers are using these directories to make an informed buying decision.

Using the resources and links in this guide will let you get started as a domain flipper. Get yourself educated and start trading domain names today! Domain name sales are pretty possible.

How To List Domain For Sale?

Well, these best places to sell domains are great. But subsiding the competition is even better. I’ve been in the domain flipping business for a while now and it certainly pays off. I prefer to sell domain names privately.

I used to purchase high-quality domain names and sell them on my own. Instead of listing on those marketplaces, I used to use Google to find potential customers. Then, I send proposing emails to those who might be interested in my domain name.

Yes, It takes time, time and time. But it pays off very well. Listing on a marketplace will always put my domain on a comparison to other domains.

But this reaching out method is subsiding the competition. It makes my domain name looks so precious that a buyer won’t want to miss it. For me, It’s the best way to sell domain names.

Best Domain Aftermarket

Thanks for reading. That was my own list on how to sell domain names to make money! I made sure to cover everything you might need to know about those great marketplaces. Now, you should have got a clear idea of how to sell domain names.

Among this domain aftermarket, I would recommend Flippa, Sedo and GoDaddy Auctions. Also, I would strongly recommend reaching out manually via email to potential buyers.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Which one is the best place to sell domains? Let me know in the comments below. And share your domain flipping experience if you’ve got any.

I’ve spent a few days putting this article altogether. Don’t forget to share it with everyone on social media. This should be your ultimate list for the best domain marketplaces to sell domain names.

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  1. Nice post! I was wondering what the best way to sell my domains was. I would love to see an example of the email you would send to potential buyers.

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