Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers (+ Pay Proofs)

There’s no doubt that highest paying affiliate programs is one of the perfect ways to make money online. In this article, I’ll be showing you a list of the best affiliate programs for new bloggers and how to get rich online.

Thanks to search engines like Google, Getting found online is becoming a lot easier than how it was earlier. Although you still need to work code and SEO in order to be found, Every little step on the way really worth it.

So It all happens with starting a blog. Reviewing products and tapping into them via your own personal experience is what will make you money. Just one thing here, You have to be HONEST.

Basically, Affiliate marketing means promoting other’s products. And when they make a purchase, you get a commission. In some programs, Your commission may reach up to 100% for the amount paid by the referred customer.

Some of these programs are offering recurring commissions. It means that when you refer a customer that subscribe to a monthly plan, You’ll get a recurring percentage in commissions every time this referred customer pays.

See How lucrative is it?

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs To Make Money:

Let’s dig deeper and find out how to make money with affiliate programs. In the list below, I’m reviewing the highest paying best affiliate programs for new bloggers. So yeah, Let’s make some money online while you sleep!

Well, You’ve got the complete list above for the highest paying affiliate programs. Let’s discuss each program and see how you can get started.

I’m revealing all these secrets and payment proofs out of my own personal experience. Let’s check out the highest paying affiliate programs list.

ConvertKit Affiliate Program:


I’ve been a ConvertKit affiliate marketer for almost 6 months now, and this program is seriously doing a pretty good job. I believe it’s one of the best affiliate programs for new bloggers. I’ve been promoting their services to friends and blog visitors, And proudly I made some good money out of it.

ConvertKit is an email marketing software that has been made specifically for Bloggers and Internet Marketers. Their prices are starting from $29 per month and your commission per sale is 30% Lifetime Recurring.

So if someone signed up via your link, you get 30% each month your referred customer pays them. It’s a lucrative and reputable affiliate program.

Join ConvertKit Affiliate Program >

GetResponse Affiliate Program:


Although I’m not currently using GetResponse for my email marketing purposes, I’ve been promoting their service for a long time in the past.

Their affiliate program is trustworthy and has been around for a quite long time. They’re offering lucrative 33% Lifetime Recurring commissions per each sale. That makes it one of the top paying affiliate programs.

Furthermore, If you’ve been looking for a decent email marketing software that doesn’t cost much, I would say GetResponse is your perfect choice.

It has all you need to get started in email marketing and their prices are relatively cheap (Starting at ~ $15 per month) compared to ConvertKit and Aweber.

Join GetResponse Affiliate Program >

ElegantThemes Affiliate Program:

Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers - ElegantThemes

I believe that this is one of the most profitable highest paying affiliate programs available in the web market. The product they’re selling is seriously awesome and worth paying for.

They’re offering 87 WordPress themes as one package for $69. This means that you’re buying each WordPress theme in the package for less than $1. Isn’t it awesome?

So promoting epic products like this one is easier than you think. And it will potentially make you more money. They’re offering a lucrative 50% recurring commission per sale.

I’ve been working with them for a long time and they’ve been doing awesome. Payouts are coming before the 5th each month. Strongly recommended if you’re just getting started.

Join ElegantThemes Affiliate Program >

SEMRush Affiliate Program:


The SEMRush affiliate program is another lucrative highest paying affiliate program. It pays 50% recurring commission for each sale you refer. What’s so awesome about SEMRush is that it’s frequently updated with new set of features on weekly basis. That makes it a strong product you can easily promote and sell.

  • Website Conversion Optimization: The Beginner’s Guide

Aside from being one of the trustworthy highest paying affiliate programs available, SEMRush is a powerful SEO tool that will help you rank higher in Google and other search engines.

I’m using this strong tool for all my SEO purposes and I’m experiencing great results with it. The conversion rate is high and accordingly, your referred sales will be higher than you think.

Join SEMRush Affiliate Program >

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program:

Highest Paying Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers - BlueHost

In my opinion, MyThemeShop is the easiest highest paying affiliate program. As it sells itself. So promoting their products is so easy and feasible.

Offering premium WordPress themes and plugins, MyThemeShop is considered to be a trustworthy provider. I’ve been using their products and promoting them for a few months now. And yes, I’m making money via their affiliate program.

They’re offering a flat whopping 55% commission per sale. Doing the math, Referring 10 (single theme) sales per month will make you $400+ in one month!

Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program >

BlueHost – Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers:

BlueHost Affiliate Earnings - Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Okay, I’ve saved the best for the last. BlueHost affiliate program is one of the most lucrative best affiliate programs available on the internet. Let me tell you that I’ve made $2,000+ in three months only with this program.

BlueHost is offering a high paying affiliate commission starting at $65 per sale. The more sale you generate via your affiliate link, the more commissions to your bank account.

I would recommend that you start working on that program. Talking numbers, Referring 10 clients in one month will make you $650 as easy money. Isn’t it awesome?

Join Bluehost Affiliate Program >

Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers:

In the above section, I made sure to review the top paying affiliate programs individually. Literally, I’m making 50% of my monthly income from the above-mentioned programs ONLY.

Let’s read more about other promising programs to make easy free money online:

I will make sure to keep updating this list with more and more programs. Make sure you’re acting smartly and do not rely on just one program. Diversify your income sources as much as you can.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs (Wrap Up):

That was the highest paying affiliate programs list. It’s now up for you. Start picking your preferred programs. Make sure to get to understand the products you’re selling very carefully.

What most newbies tend to do is to promote products they didn’t try. That makes their reviews short and poor. It’s also recommended to try it yourself before promoting it.

Drop your blog URL in the comments section below and let me know which affiliate program you’re using and how much your earning potential is. Let’s inspire each other.

As a final thought, This best affiliate programs for new bloggers list works for both beginners and dummies. All you need to do today is to get started promoting affiliate deals and earning extra cash. What are you waiting for?

Now, You should have got a clear idea about the best affiliate programs for new bloggers. I’m positive you don’t want to miss these exceptional highest paying affiliate programs. Thanks for sticking by and don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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  2. Affiliate marketing is great tool for making money for bloggers. I have seen people making huge money just by blogging few posts only. Affiliate market is tough at start but if you post good stuff, then one can make huge profit

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