The Ultimate Beginner’s SEO Checklist [2018 Update]

I’ve updated this post couple of times to make sure that it has all the great SEO practices that work fast. This ultimate beginner’s SEO checklist is actually one of my favorites.

Why? Because I simply don’t hit publish until I go over this list. I want to make sure that my page is perfectly optimized. I recently decided to give SEO a priority and get to make 100K pageviews per month.

For you and myself, I prepared this ultimate beginner’s SEO checklist as a no-gimmicks guidance along the way. I decided to raise up a ranking goal by 2018. I want to strength my SEO credibility and get ranked for a couple of keywords.

I want to strength my SEO credibility and get ranked for a couple of keywords. I’m not giving up to the regular traffic flow anybody else used to get for a new blog.

I’m not anymore going to desperately try to catch people’s attention via social media platforms to get a couple of visits on my blog.

I’m massively growing this blog from scratch, and my plan is to get people to visit my blog because they need to get access to my stunning helpful content.


Seo Best Practices 2017 #SEO #Blogging #Content

What I mostly like about blogging is the commitment and discipline you get to grow when you start up a new blog. In November, I put a goal to earn my first affiliate sale out of this blog. And I proudly did.

I made $1,540.56 USD in affiliate commissions only in November 2016. There is no secret sauce or a list of actions to teach you here. I put a plan and worked hard for it. And surprisingly it worked for me from day one.

The Ultimate Beginner’s SEO Checklist:

The Ultimate Beginner's SEO Checklist 2017 #SEO #Blogging #Content


That was the main point of this post to give you access to my ultimate beginner’s SEO checklist. It came to my mind that it’s wise to work on a checklist for me to follow.

It’s even wiser to share what I get to know with all of you.

Within the beginner’s SEO checklist below, I will make sure to delve deeper into mentioning about what you need to do on your site to get better exposure on Search Engines. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have been blogging for a while, this post is exactly for you.

Bear in mind that the following checklist is for you only if you’re serious about your blogging career. I’ve been saying this many times earlier, but here it is once more:

If you’re running a free blog on BlogSpot,, Blogger, Weebly or even if you’re paying for a Squarespace account, then you’re a hobby blogger and not yet so serious about it.

If it’s your case, then please read:
how to get serious about blogging and why self-hosted?

Now, I will assume that you’re running a self-hosted WordPress blog. Let’s nail the beginner’s SEO checklist down here:



ON PAGE SEO Checklist:

  • Install and Configure Yoast SEO WordPress plug-in.
  • Configure Unique Title (Under 60 Characters).
  • Customize Meta Description with Focus Keyword.
  • Use Focus Keyword multiple times in your content.
  • Include Focus Keywords and LSI Keywords in content.
  • Put your Focus Keyword in the first paragraph.
  • Use H-tags wisely for your Keywords.
  • Build a strong Internal Linking tree.
  • Use Permalinks for pages and blog posts.
  • Add Social Sharing Buttons (I’m using SumoMe).
  • Use Images in your content (I’m using FreePik & PicJumbo)
  • Include Alt description for images.
  • Link to other relevant authoritative sites.
  • Interlinking: Include Inline Related Posts.

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  • Analyze competitor sites using SEMRush.
  • Check where your competitors are getting traffic from via tools like Similar Web.
  • Research & List Target Keywords by tools like Google Keyword Planner.


SEO Tasks List 2018:

That was it all.

Make sure you’re following and applying the above strategies and steps on your website. By doing applying the beginner’s SEO checklist above, you’re flagging readiness and telling the search engines: Hey, I’m over here!

Basically, SEO is not about certain steps you follow and that’s it. SEO is a long-term strategy which you need to work hard for in order to rank in search engine results.

There’s no magic tool or a secret sauce to be unveiled. It’s about your practices and how you persist for it.

I remember that day when I offered my client an add-on service of Search Engine Optimization for his site. He asked me: Does it mean that after you’re done with it, I can see my site on the first page of google for that certain keyword?

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The Ultimate Beginner's SEO Checklist 2018 #SEO #Blogging #Content

Some people understand SEO the wrong way. They think it’s something that’s easy and can be achieved overnight. They don’t know why should Google or any other search engine link back to their sites while they got nothing new or updated on there?

Like I said, the above-mentioned (beginner’s SEO checklist) steps are necessary to optimize your site for search engines.

You’re simply getting your site ready for a ranking potential. However; you still need to work hard on content to get ranked.

You still need to give search engines reasons to rank you on their front pages. Why should they do so? Remember; Google got 10 spots only on the front page, why they should (organically) include your site within it?

Thanks for sticking by until right here. Please let me know in comments below if you’ve got questions or inquiries. I would love to help you further.

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  1. Hi Karim,

    Good tips thanks!

    One thing: All your links to other websites make me leave yours! Not good for your SEO man..

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  2. Wow, this is Really amazing. Thank you so much for express your knowledge. I’m such Owner of IT Firm those have recently started with my Colleague.

  3. Great SEO check list!

    Nicely covered all the aspects of all round SEO!

    Thanks for such amazing detail and depth post, Karim. I will try to keep some of those techniques in mind. Surely hope they will help me with my blog. I will be sharing this SEO techniques with my fellow shortly.

  4. Good amount of information about SEO and good way to increase traffic is present in your post. Really good content for beginner, thanks.

  5. Awesome post. I always surprise to see your income from blogging while I make 0$ from my blog. Your post will help me to boost my traffic. I always believe, any hard labor give me result. SEO is always a drake method. I didn’t get any specific idea about it.

    1. Shafiullah,
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  6. Jatin Zalavadiya

    Hello Karim,

    I am a beginner in the blogging and learn many things from your blog and Also inspired by your blogging journey. I am following all of your strategies about blogging to make my blog better. Thanks.

    And this SEO checklist post is fantastic for every beginner.

    Thanks Again.

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        Thanks for replying,
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        please can you provide me tutorial ?

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  7. This is a very comprehensive and concise guide for SEO. You really made great effort and research for it. That is exactly what I’ve been working on these days. I also like the way you set new goals for your blog. I hope you the best. Keep going.

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