6 Common Amateur Bloggers Mistakes To Avoid

Many bloggers are working hard to get educated, However; I still can see many common Amateur Bloggers Mistakes. There are tons of the ultimate guides on the internet on how to start a blog. But the information about what to do next is relatively less.

In today’s post, I’m walking you through 6 common amateur bloggers mistakes to avoid. I used to see many of these mistakes in amateur blogs. Are you new to blogging? Make sure to avoid these mistakes to succeed online.

I’ve been into blogging and making money online for a while now. Let me tell you that I got to commit all these blogging mistakes. And the goal here is to educate you on how to save time by not repeating these common mistakes.

Make sure to read the following points carefully and apply them on your blog. And I promise if those points have been done right, you’ll be back on track once more.

1. Choosing a Domain Name:


There is a huge argument about choosing the perfect domain name for your blog. Many bloggers are recommending to search keywords and do SEO in order to come up with a rank-able domain name.

This is one of the most common blogging mistakes to avoid. I’m a strong believer that all you need to get is your own unique domain name. Do not overthink rankings and search engine’s algorithms right from the beginning.

Some people are just so foolish about it. They tend to use a domain name which includes another brand name on it. They think that getting something like youtubeupdate.com or shoutmeloud.org will make them millionaires.

Although there are chances to get initial traffic, It won’t last long. And soon, You’ll receive an email from the brand name owner asking you to stop using the domain name along with a DMCA complaint.

Now, all your hard work on this domain name has simply gone.

You need to understand from day one that blogging is all about delivering a value to readers. It’s not about the domain name, or about the keywords on it. It’s all about you and how hard you are willing to work for it.

My ultimate advice for you here is to choose a unique brand-able domain name. Also, if you’re starting up a blog for the sake of making thousands of dollars initially, then it basically won’t work – period.

2. Either Lead or Follow:

This is one of my favorite quotes ever.

If you’re not yet able to lead the industry with your ideas, why not following other successful influencers and do what they do? This way you’ll get to learn tons of things that will put you on track very soon.

One of the amateur bloggers mistakes is getting started with a hope to make millions of dollars in a few months. Although Blogging has a huge potential for an unexpected profit, It still requires hard work and dedication.

Some of these amateur blogs are even going to copy and paste different paragraphs from different blogs and just collect them together with a little spinning.

Let me tell you that Google is just becoming SMARTER each day, so please do not copy from other blogs. These actions may simply ruin your blog and get you penalized.

Instead, you may read many articles and get to know what others are doing. This way you’ll get inspired to write something unique. You may even copy their ideas and write about them from your personal perspective. This is one of the important blogging mistakes to avoid.

Blogging is not that easy to copy, paste paragraphs, and get them combined together into an article. It will not magically work unless you do your part.

See? It’s an equation, so make up the balance and do it right.

3. Don’t Write in Five Minutes & Publish:


Newbies are getting it the wrong way. They think like all they need is an updated blog with new content being published every few days. They tend to write something irrelevant in five minutes then they hit publish.

Avoid these serious blogging mistakes.

They check their blogs, and they get to be so happy at these moments. They find their blogs filled with articles and updates. After like a few weeks, they wonder why people are not visiting their blogs? Why traffic is still around zeros!

Here is the golden advice for you: if you’re serious about your blogging career, You will need to write articles which at least 1,000-1,500 words in each.

Why? Because Google and other search engines want only the best content on the top. Why should they recommend your content on their first page while it’s short, poor, with no value on it?

Some bloggers are even spending ages to write a blog post (Blog Tyrant). They revise it many times before they get to hit the publish button.

Some others are paying $100 or $200 for a single long detailed blog post. This clearly tells you how important the high-quality content is.

4. I Got To Learn The Secret Sauce:

I know these moments when you find things not working for you as expected. The first thing you think about is going to buy the secret sauce. There are tons of resources, courses, eBooks, and webinars all around the internet, so probably one of these will show you the secrets to success?

Unfortunately nope! There’s no secret sauce for success. It’s the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. I understand that there are courses and eBooks which promise to give you the tricks you need.

Although these resources might be useful to get you more knowledge, It still doesn’t have any secrets or tricks that will turn you into a successful blogger in a few days. Clearly, There are no shortcuts in blogging.

So save time from the early beginning, and work hard on doing something fruitful instead of spending most of the time staring at other’s income reports or buying courses and resources you do not need.

Influencers and top bloggers spent many years of hard work and persistence until they got it to work for them. Blogging is not an easy career, and if you think it is then it’s not the right path for you.

Don’t wait and get started right today.


It’s okay to do amateur bloggers mistakes. And this way you’ll get to learn many things. Even if you got your course and followed the steps, you will have to make amateur bloggers mistakes in order to know what it takes.

Trust me; after many failures, You will eventually succeed.

5. I Abandoned My Amateur Blogs:

abandoned my amateur blogs

A year ago, I got a huge spike to start a blog. I started mine and I was very happy with it. Initially, after like a few months, I completely abandoned it. Unfortunately, It happens alot and it’s one of the common blogging mistakes.

It was a whole year before I decided to reconsider and rework on my blog.

Upon the recent data estimates, there is something around 200,000 blogs being started each single day. The surprise is that most of those newbie bloggers quit blogging in their first 3 months of blogging without earning a dime!

I passed by the same situation. Before starting my blog, I thought I will make millions. I didn’t make millions so I abandoned my blog for a whole year. Most of those bloggers are in the same boat. They thought that blogging is so easy, and initially, they can earn a log of money out of it. So they simply quit in like 2-3 months.

Most of those bloggers are in the same boat. They thought that blogging is so easy, and initially, they can earn a log of money out of it. So they simply quit in like 2-3 months.

  • What if they just believe in what they have?
  • What if they spend more time on it?
  • What if they just keep around for a little bit longer?

Trust me; You don’t know what the future has to offer for you.

If you’re a newbie make sure to keep yourself motivated and inspired. If you’re serious about it, then many obstacles will just come up your way every single day. Keep it up and stay around for a little longer.

Who knows? Blogging can eventually change your life.

6. Re-Doing Over and Over Again:

I’ve got to see many amateur bloggers mistakes over the last month. I used to help newbies starting a blogging career. Clearly, They’re willing to re-do the same thing over and over again instead of focusing on other important things.

Believe me; It’s not the astonishing WordPress theme that is bringing in more visitors. It’s not the horse-powered WordPress plugins that will increase your conversion rate. and of course. And it’s not about unnecessary expensive tools like CDN and time managing apps.

People keep visiting a website because of how valuable the content on it is. Do not spend time focusing on unnecessary things like themes, plug-ins, and apps.

They’re all crappy for you as a newbie blogger. You may need them when you grow your blog though. But at the beginning, Your mission is to create high-quality content that’s simply helpful.

And one more tip here; Don’t change your blog theme again and again. Not only does it waste your time, but also will have a bad impact on your readers.

Amateur Bloggers Mistakes (Updated):

As I mentioned above; It’s very fine to commit amateur bloggers mistakes. Especially when you’re just getting started with your blogging career. Just make sure to start your blog as early as possible to avoid wasting more days without getting to learn and try what you’ve been dreaming about.

Dreams will keep being so unless you unleash your inner power to give it a try. Believe me; you don’t know what the future has to offer you. Make sure to spend your life trying new things every single day. This way you’ll get to know what works better for you.

At the end, I want to stress again that you definitely don’t need to overwhelm yourself with things like which domain name, which theme, or which course to go with. The only thing you need to seriously care about is to getting started.

I’m replying to every single comment published here. Let me know if you got questions or concerns about it and I shall get back to you shortly. Let’s fire the discussion up!

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  1. Hi,
    Another one of the best post in my list.
    This is very useful for the beginners, the way which you have explained about blogging mistakes is very nice, easily we can understand that. Surly i will implement all the tips in my blog to perform better.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Karim!

    Your blog post is a lifesaver because everyone want to make their website successful, so am i. I want to say thank for writing a helpful blog post for us to avoid some common mistake when blogging. This helps me remeber some things i must do.

  3. Great post Karim i just want to add up to your blogging mistakes. Dont write less than 600 words in every blog post, word count matters to SEO. By the Keep up the good work!

  4. hi karim
    you really shared an informative article and now i find my mistakes what i have done while blogging thanks for sharing with us


    Hello Karim Toulba, I earn 2.26 cent after two years of my blogging !!!! But i still write on my blog. Because i write for share my knowledge. Money will come one day. I think a successful blogger need 5 to 10 years minimum for earning money.

  6. Excellent job Karim. I dig your point about preparation. The secret is no secret; smart, persistent work builds offline and online success. Just as it always does. No way around that one.

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