How To Add Addon Domain To BlueHost? (Quick)

BlueHost is a leading hosting provider that is offering multiple packages. On Purchasing BlueHost hosting, you’ll get a free domain registration included. But what about hosting addon domains?

While the Basic plan allows you to only host one domain name, Plus and Prime plans allows hosting unlimited addon domains. And they really mean it. You can run multiple websites on the same hosting account.

In this article, I will show you how to host additional domain names on your BlueHost hosting package. You can buy additional domains from BlueHost itself or from any other registrars; NameCheap, GoDaddy, ..etc.

In order to use any additional domain name, you will just need to point nameservers. This way you get both domain and hosting account connected. And it will work right away.

First: Sign Up For BlueHost Web Hosting

If you’ve already bought web hosting from BlueHost, then you can skip this step and proceed. I will then show you how to host an addon domain on your BlueHost web hosting account.

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After visiting our promo link, Clik on “Get Started Now” to get your hosting account. BlueHost offers three different web hosting plans. The Plus plan is what I recommend for unlimited addon domains.

How To Add Addon Domain to BlueHost?

The process is simple. I will explain in details below. But I’m here assuming you’ve already got your BlueHost web hosting along with any additional domain you would like to use as addon domains.

Here’s how to use addon domain:

  • Login to your domain registrar.
  • Put in BlueHost Nameservers for the domain.
  • Add the domain to your BlueHost account.

Following the above-mentioned steps will let you – literally – setup a new domain on your BlueHost account. Please note that; it only works for Plus and Prime packages. The basic one doesn’t allow you to host addon domains.

Once there, you still can use MojoMarketplace Installer to install WordPress on each domain you’ve got there. While all domain names will be hosted on the same account, it will feel like each is separate with different logins.

Let’s go in details below:

#1. Point Domain to BlueHost Nameservers:

How To Point Domain From Godaddy to Bluehost

This is the very first thing you will need to do. This step is to be done via the domain registrar control panel. And it’s almost the same with all domain registrars.

The steps are clear and you’ll figure it out as follows:

  • Login to your domain registrar account.
  • Head over to the Domain Settings.
  • And assign BlueHost Nameservers to the domain name.

And here are the BlueHost nameserver to use:


BlueHost has made it straight-forward for non-technical clients. These nameservers work perfectly for all BlueHost shared hosting plan. This makes it easier to figure out and deploy.

#2. Add a BlueHost Addon Domain:


Here, you’re creating a record for the domain name on the BlueHost account. And this step will create a directory for that domain to install WordPress and Build a website.

Once you type the domain name, BlueHost will automatically verify ownership of your domain name by checking the nameservers. Thus, you need to follow step one to point nameservers before adding it as an addon domain.

Alternatively, BlueHost allows you to verify the ownership of a domain name using various other methods. This could also be done via; File Upload. And it works great on migrating a website with no downtime.

You also have got two choices here to add a domain; Addon Domain or Parked Domain. And here is a quick difference for you:

  • Addon Domain: for starting a new website.
  • Parked Domain: for pointing a domain to another website.


In Step 4, BlueHost is allowing you to choose a directory for this addon domain. This way, the addon domain will have a separate section on your web hosting account. And here is the usual directory; public_html/

And here is how it goes:

  • /public_html/ – For your main domain.
  • /public_html/ – For your addon domains.

You can check and verify these directories using the cPanel File Manager on Advanced tab. Alternatively, you can use any other 3rd party FTP client program; FileZilla.


Now, you should have added another domain to your BlueHost account successfully. Using the same steps, you can add additional addon domains the same way.

One thing I wanted to clarify; The basic package only allows hosting one main domain name. For extra addon domains, you will need to opt-in or upgrade to Plus or Prime packages.

That was all about adding an addon domain to BlueHost. Please let me know your experience in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with others who may find it useful.

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  1. I want to purchase for my blogging can you suggest to me. which type of domain best for me at a low cost.

  2. Hi Karim Toulba,

    Thanks for for this great article to learn about How To Add Addon Domain To BlueHost. bluehost is one of the famous web hosting company & this article is really easy to understand Add Addon Domain To BlueHost.

    1. Sunil,
      In order to get additional add-on domains, you will need to optin for; BlueHost plus or prime packages.
      Both allows you to host unlimited add-on domains onto your hosting account.

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