2Checkout Review: Accept Credit Card Sales Online

Have you been thinking about accepting credit card payments on your website? Sure, you do. But the strings and hypes around this are always driving you back. In this 2Checkout review, I will show you how.

And if you’re Egyptian, then for sure you’ve been told many wrong facts about how to achieve that for your site.

Fortunately, you’re now capable of accepting credit card payments from around the world without the need to get bank approvals or business certifications. I’m speaking about 2CheckOut payment processor gateway.

2CheckOut is an international third-party payment processor. It allows customers worldwide to purchase your products using their credit cards directly.

After the purchase step is completed, it simply transfers the money from the buyer’s credit card into your 2CheckOut balance then to your local bank account.

Let’s break it down in details:

I’m an Egyptian Seller ūüôā


I hear you. The first concerns I’m about to think of here are:

  • Is 2Checkout Egypt Free?
  • Is there a certain minimum of monthly sales required?
  • Do I need any certifications or bank approvals to get started?
  • Do I have to be a company?

Let’s answer these questions in this 2Checkout review honestly.

2Checkout Review: Fees & Rates


2Checkout charges nothing to get started using their services. This means that you pay NO statement, recurring billing, or any other monthly fees.  2CheckOut fees are being deducted per transaction.

As for Egyptian sellers, 2CheckOut charges¬†3.4% + 45¬Ę per successful transaction. Doing the math:

  • When you receive $100 payment.
  • 2CO deducts $3.40 + $0.45 = $3.85
  • You receive $100 – $3.85 = $96.15

I see these rates as very affordable and reasonable taking in mind that we pay nothing per month to use the 2CO service. So here, We’re only paying when we receive successful payment transactions.

At a time earlier, 2CheckOut was requesting new merchants to pay a one-time fee of $49 to open an account. But for today, it’s totally FREE to open a new 2CO merchant account.

Get Started with 2CheckOut Today!

Thanks to 2Checkout Review. Isn’t it what we’re all looking for? Lowering Overheads.

Products & Services:


Well. 2CO is offering great products when it comes to establishing an online merchant account. 2CO allows you to handle mobile payments, recurring billing, direct checkouts.

Not only that, It also allows you to accept credit card payments in 26 currencies with the support of 15 languages. 2CheckOut is PCI compliant and all transactions undergo fraud review after payment completion.

Unlike PayPal Egypt, Your customers won’t be required to create a 2CO account in order to complete a sale. Instead, they’re allowed directly to pay you using their debit or credit card without hassles.

After integrating your site shopping cart with 2CheckOut, Your customers will be redirected to 2CO site to complete the sale. There are two options available for sellers here: Dynamic Checkout or Direct Checkout.

  • Standard Check-out:¬†redirecting customers to 2CO site to complete the sale.
  • Inline Check-out:¬†Without redirection to 2CO site, Customers complete the sale on your site.

For this 2Checkout Review, I’ve used and always recommending using Standard Check-out.

Security & PCI Compliance


2CO has a level-1 compliance. This is considered to be a high rating among the payment card industry and data security. In simple words, 2CO guarantees that your transactions are safe and secured.

Please be noted that 2CO is not allowing you to access the card info yourself. Instead, It transfers the money to your balance after a successful transaction without disclosing your customer’s card information.

So if you decided to leave 2CheckOut one day, you won’t be able to import client’s cards information. You’re also not allowed you use 2CO to process phone or offline Credit Card captures. This feature is not available.

2CheckOut ensures fraud prevention with their tiered strategy. This strategy uses more than 300 variables to check and identify fraud activities. They use special algorithms and customized data collection techniques according to industries and geographies.

Withdrawals & Payouts:

When your balance reaches a minimum threshold of $300, you’re allowed to ask for a wire transfer payout. This is how to receive your 2CheckOut balance to your local bank in Egypt in USD.

  • Wire Transfer Fee: $15 USD.

To get your payout converted to your home currency, an average fee of 2-5% above the daily bank exchange rate is applicable.

After creating your account, you will need to set up your bank details on 2CO merchant dashboard. This will allow you to collect payments to your local bank account easily. It’s easy and hassles free.

2CheckOut vs. PayPal in Egypt:

PayPal Egypt is awesome when your clients are already using it. But if your client wants to pay directly with his credit card, PayPal will be a little confusing here:

  • The client needs to create a PayPal account in order to pay with a Credit Card.
  • You won’t be able to accept Recurring credit card captures (for monthly subscriptions & renewals).

There are additional three major services available to accept credit card payments:¬†Stripe,¬†Authorize.net,¬†Braintree.¬†But unfortunately, they all don’t support Egypt unless you’ve registered your business somewhere else outside Egypt.

I found that 2CheckOut Egypt is the most feasible option since it supports Egypt. I’ve applied for a 2CO merchant account and since then, life has been so much easier. I’m able now to accept recurring credit card captures via 2CheckOut Egypt payment processor.

Along with PayPal, it’s always good to give your clients the ability to pay you with their credit cards directly via a one simple checkout page.

How to Apply at 2Checkout?

Go to 2CheckOut website. On the homepage click on Get Started.


You will be asked to fill a lot of information fields about you and your business. Here is a list of the information, they’re asking for to complete your applications:

  • Applicant personal details.
  • Business information: Sole proprietorship, Partnership, or Company.
  • Passport scanned copy.

After submitting your application. You’ll have to wait for up to 48 hours until your application being processed and verified. After that, you will receive an email message from 2CheckOut Verification department welcoming you to their platform.

Get Started with 2CheckOut Today!

Website Integrations


Now, You should be able to accept credit card payments via the 2CheckOut payment gateway. I would recommend that you enable SandBox mode to test everything before going live.

2CO is to be integrated easily with many software like WordPress, Shopify, OpenCart, Magento, WHMCS, OsCommerce, ..etc. No worries here since 2CO will work on your website software easily.

Take your time integrating your shopping cart with the 2CheckOut gateway. Once ready, make sure to disable the SandBox mode.

Congratulations! You’re all set with this 2Checkout Review.

Get Started with 2CheckOut Today!

2 thoughts on “2Checkout Review: Accept Credit Card Sales Online”

  1. They basically say that they can close any account whenever they want, for no reason whatsoever:

    “Thank you for your response. We can certainly understand your disappointment at the closure of your account. Please know there are many factors taken into consideration when an account is closed. Any one of these factors may, in and of itself and at our sole discretion, warrant the closure of an account. We sincerely apologize for any disruption this may cause you or your business.”

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